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Monday, January 28, 2013

Folklore Apothecary & Tilton Hollow

I'll tell you what, friends. If you want to make a farm pal happy - give them a gift bucket. Not a basket.... a gift bucket.
It was a real bucket! With great products!

And that is exactly what I got from my pals over at Tilton Hollow. It's a real farm bucket and it was filled with their products. And beets. You heard about my beet woes, now solved, which was great - but I am wow'd by Tilton Hollow's spectacular products.

Even tho I'm not girly-fancy, I am very particular about what products I put on my skin. Mostly it's out of self defense. I'm allergic to most of the so called pure products out there so I only ever want naturally made soaps and such.  The goat milk soaps and Folklore Apothecary products by Tilton Hollow offer exactly that - natural ingredients without any of the funny stuff.

The soaps, Raaw and (wal)nut scrub, are divine. You can smell and feel the quality and again - no funny stuff. Except, you know, the nut scrub is hilarious to me because of ....well... nuts. Of course, that is my favorite soap! The Raaw is just pure goat milk soap and it's unadorned and perfect. Aside from being hilarious the nut scrub smells heavenly. Not perfume-y but just clean and lovely.

I also received two of the salves... oh golly... I have to tell you about the salves. They come in adorable little tins. I've been keeping the tin of Smoothing Salve on the arm of the couch where I sit so I can just reach up and get a little lovin' for my poor dry hands.  The thing I love most about it is that it's not greasy. I can rub some on my cracked and dry fingers and then just go back to typing away. It absorbs into my skin and doesn't get all over my laptop. Or the cats.

I'm completely gaga for the Foot & Hoof Salve. There's something about the easy scent that I couldn't place. Then I figured it out... it's the pumpkin that gives the peppermint and the lavender some ooomph. It's perfect. And my feet just love it. After being cold, wet, and shoved into workboots my hooves need all the help they can get. Now my feet go to bed happy with some Foot & Hoof Salve.

Need a gift for a farm pal or just want to treat yourself? Check out Tilton Hollow's products. They have a stunning line of 100% Natural Goat Milk Soaps. The milk comes from their lovely dairy goats on their beautiful farm. Their Folklore Apothecary line contains the salves and soothing soaps. They also have a Farmhouse Collection with candles and such. If you'd like to learn more about their farm be sure to click on their Brand Graphics link - the pictures are amazing.

You may purchase Tilton Hollow' products at some retail shops listed on their soap page here or check out their online store.

We are in that long stretch now where spring seems just a little too far away. So why not soothe yourself with some products that will make the wait a little easier? Or maybe you need a perfect gift for a farm friend? Be sure to fill a real bucket with Tilton Hollows products - they will love you for it. Guaranteed.

Happy Monday everyone! Look - I smell clean now! Thank you Tilton Hollow for this generous gift!


Mama Mess said...

Hey lady! I'm glad you finally smell clean....bahahaa! Just kidding. Sounds like a great little gift bucket! Hope you are doing well!

Provender Place said...

They look and sound lovely!

David said...

I bet the Accountant would love some of that salve!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

the dogs didnt recognize me clean, GW..hee hee hee

thanks PP! its great to support a home business - and they have great products.

you bet Dave, i really like the foot & hoof salve.

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