Ohiofarmgirl's Adventures in The Good Land is largely a fish out of water tale about how I eventually found my footing on a small farm in an Amish town. We are a mostly organic, somewhat self sufficient, sustainable farm in Ohio. There's action and adventure and I'll always tell you the truth about farming.

What I Know About Dogs

The Dog Horde

Some folks ask me for dog training tips. This is what I know about it and my best references.

Misters Good Dog. How a really good vet changed my life and taught me to use the dogs to the best of their ability. And mine.

What Brothers Are For or Remember They Are Dogs -How To Manage Your Pack. My number one rule for success with dogs is: Remember they are dogs.

On Taking The Puppy Out. How to house train your pup so that everyone has a good time.

She Sits In Her Good Dog Spot. How to feed your dogs and establish your status as the boss.

What Are You Asking Your Dog. How you talk to your dog will improve your success and ensure your position as the boss.

Go Watch The House. The pack reshuffles their order from time to time. But everyone wants a job and to know their place in the ranking.

Anatomy of a Dog Fight. Watching how dogs relate to each other can help you be the pack leader.

Isn't She Cute?  What happens when your pup reaches the Destroyer age and what to do about it.

Whatcha doin' with them big dogs anyway?  Why do we have these big dogs? Why not a smaller dog? Or a Family dog? Because, big dogs are reliable, never jam, and are always loaded.

More on Dogs and Livestock. More on why we have these big dogs. What about the livestock - aren't they in danger? Yes. But....

Go Watch the Gate. Farm doggin' level - expert. Watch Ti at work with a baby goat.

Good Fences Make Good Dogs. Got a dog? Moving to the country? Get some fence. Now.

The Dog Moat Is Done! What you can build with all that fence. One of our best projects - the dog moat.

Never Bring A Goat To A Dog Fight. The most important rule in livestock... don't ever let your dogs play with your goats. Or livestock. Ever. Not even once.

Team Hog. Dog#1 and Zander take on the pigz. Are they just out there running around? Nope. They work together to move the pigz back so I can get into the pen safely.

Our Hard Working Farm Dogs - the good, the bad,... and the adorable.

It's All About The D - O - G... Hardworkin' Farm Dogs. How we got our hard working farm dogs. And tales of valor.  

Hi. I'm Kai. My Fighting Uruk-Hai BearKiller...aka "Wiggles" comes home with us - her first day.

What Puppies Do. Our precious puppy Kai checks all the "to do's" off her list. Most of them naughty.

My Fighting Uruk-Hai. How Kai got her name...and became a princess.

Zander Hannibal Bonecrusher joins the team.

Grrr... Baby Bubby is all smiles and tons of fun.

Day Interrupted. Baby Bubby with Nicholas for scale.

Milk Mustache. Watch adorable little Zander drink milk right from the tap! The goat was not amused.

Free Advice. Who cares what I wrote - look how little Zander was!

Snow Face. Adorable Zander's little snow face.

The Blubbering Bubby Breakdown. How I give the performance of a lifetime while getting little Zander back from the vet.

Bubby's Big Paws. Our little pup has enormous paws. Huge paws. Crazy big paws.

Out Past The Gate. There's danger out past the gate. Good thing I have all these dogs.

The Giant Bubby Pepper Poke Disaster. A Bubby's eye. A scorching hot pepper. A disaster. There was crying.  Lots and lots of crying.

Today Was The Last Day. What happens when hard working farm dogs laugh at their momma. And why.

Zander FoeHammer, Pig Hater. Zander earns the name "FoeHammer" and gives them pigz the what for.

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