Ohiofarmgirl's Adventures in The Good Land is largely a fish out of water tale about how I eventually found my footing on a small farm in an Amish town. We are a mostly organic, somewhat self sufficient, sustainable farm in Ohio. There's action and adventure and I'll always tell you the truth about farming.

Not Entirely Fiction

We have a lot of action and adventure here in the Good Land. Some of it is not entirely fiction...

Bitty finds her place in the Good Land.

Bitty finds her place in the Good Land. Part One.

Bitty finds her place in the Good Land. Part Two. 

Shine is lost afield. OFG and the fighters of The Good Land go to save him. Find out who is the hero and who brings the vengeance.

A Tale for Winter.

A Tale for Winter. Part One. The Assassin, Shine, comes to the Great Hall and brings a very small visitor.

A Tale for Winter. Part Two. Bitty is off on the hunt with Zander and the warriors of the Good Land. What could go wrong? Just see what kind of trouble a small cat can get herself into. And what of Shine the Assassin?

A Tale for Winter. Part Three. Who is the mysterious hero they sent for? Will he rescue Bitty? The dramatic conclusion of our story.

Baldric the Bull. 

Baldric the Bull. Part One. The evil Baldric the Bull and his Cow Herd soldiers face off with the fighting forces of the Good Land. They have OFG as hostage.

Baldric the Bull. Part Two. The stand-off reaches it's dramatic conclusion. The Good Land needs a hero - and a sacrifice.

The Lands of Snow and Ice Series

Lands of Snow and Ice - Bandit Arrives. Part One.. A new visitor comes to the Good Land. At last Kai will meet the famed BearHunter, Bandit - but things don't go exactly as planned.  

Lands of Snow and Ice - The Departure. Part Two- The Departure. Kai and Bandit overcome their differences. The BearHunter ways call to Princess Kai and a journey will begin.

Lands of Ice and Snow - Kai Learns the Ways of the BearSlayers. Part Three. Kai and Bandit, now in the North, hunt together...and Kai learns the ways of the BearSlayers.

Lands of Snow and Ice - The Hunt. Part Four. Kai and Bandit take to the hunt.

The Lands of Ice and Snow - The Last Parting. Part Five. Does Kai earn her name? What happens next in our dramatic conclusion of the Lands of Snow and Ice.

The Horn of Battle Series

The Horn of Battle - Part One. The Gathering of Warriors has begun and they come from all corners of the Lands. But a mysterious call for aid interrupts the festivities. 

The Horn of Battle - Part Two. Our headstrong Princess Kai sets out to find her father but what danger will she encounter?

The Horn of Battle - Part Three. Zander, Otto, Cowboy, and Clara lead the battle line to rescue Princess Kai.  Will they get there in time?

Death Shines in His Eyes. The noble assassin, Shine, is missing. OFG and the big man head out to find this most valuable warrior. 

The Mark of the Warrior Series

The Mark of the Warrior. Commander Zander comes into his own and begins his path as The Black Death.

A War on Two Fronts. Commander Zander is suddenly called home, trouble is brewing in The Good Land.

Clara CoonHammer. A dangerous liaison is discovered, a hidden affair. Will a lovestruck Commander Zander waver from his path?

For Our Dear Sister In The Westlands. Word comes that a mighty warrior has fallen. The Good Land mourns with our dear sister from the Westlands.

The Battle Season Begins. As the seasons turn our heroes yearn for battle. Commander Zander and Princess Kai strike the first blow for The Good Land.

The War on Rats. Vile villains lurk in every corner of The Good Land but our heroes are to the rescue.

The Battle Begins Series

Part One: At First Light. The drums of war call to our heroes in The Good Land. But when will the battle begin?

Part Two: The Arrival. The legendary warrior and Ruler of the North, Bourbon of the Red, comes to seeking victory in The Good Land.

Part Three: The Eve of Battle. The night before the coming battle all of the warriors gather in the Great Hall. It is a night of unexpected events.

Part Four: The Battle. The battle line is formed and the fight is about to be joined when a mysterious warrior make a sudden, and deadly, appearance.

My Fighting Uruk-Hai

My Fighting Uruk-Hai. How Kai became and princess, and an unexpected hero, in the midst of an insect insurgence. How many of your favorite sci-fi movies can you find?

The Nibbles Chronicles. 

The Real Story about Nibbles. I'm not kidding. This is what happened when Nibs had her first litter of baby goats. And how she promptly got an F- in being a mommy.

We Found Nibbles: Part 2 of The Real Story about Nibbles. Black ops are just a part of life here in The Good Land. We had to mount a search and then retrieve Nibbles out of witness protection.

Other things that may or may not have happened exactly like this....

How I Got Over. What happened when our dear old friend passed away.

When The World Stopped Turning. How we celebrate freedom in the barnyard.

How Occupy The Barnyard Ended Here. Protesting in The Good Land isn't a great idea as one little rooster found out.

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