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Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Pigs to the Deep Grass

We moved the pigz again.... this time to the deep grass. They loved it.

Pigz in the deep grass.

Remember that we moved the pigz to that new small lot just last Friday? This is what it looks like now... can you believe it?

Moonscape that used to be lush green. I needed them to till it.

I'm always amazed that folks don't understand that pigz can be so destructive. But maybe "effective" is a good word because I did want them to 'roto-hog' this area ... they were kind of digging to China.  But this is what happens if your pigz get out which is why you need really good fence.

Ham digging it's way to China.

So we moved them on Sunday. My big idea is to get them moved to the deep woods in the next couple days - we are heading toward some 90*-100* days and we need them in the darkest shade to keep them cool. To get them to the woods we are implementing a kind of step-by-step rotational grazing scheme. Why don't we just walk them over there? Sure. Yeah. Ha! Actually pigz can be kind of hard to herd and that is why. *OFG thinks about how we tried this once and all the neighbor kids ended up hot, muddy, and stinky.*

Here are the pigz going hog wild in the new yard. I'm trying to get them to dig up this stump. 

I also want them to till up these lots on the way to the woods. I'll use this area for growing fodder for them. In the fall we can turn them out into a field of beans and turnips so they can get nice and fat. The next step will be into a bigger yard which will connect them to the lot in the woods. But between here and there we have very little shade. It's going to take some fancy fencing to get this done.

We used the same methods as Friday to put up the fence. We moved the already-set-up electric line, pounded in some tposts on the outside, then strung up some field fence. And yes we used some fence that we had to drag out of the weeds but it worked like a charm.

New fenceline - complete with weeds from where we drug this fence out of the underbrush.

Then we lured the pigz into the new area with hard cooked eggs and they went hog wild.

Commander Zander. The FoeHammer. Wants pigz.

Of course, then I got the dogs. Zander hates the pigz and he really likes to give them the business. Kai has her eye on them also. They love to watch the pigz run away in abject terror.

The best thing is that we can see the pigz from the house. Not that I like to look at them but at least we can see what is going on.

Happy Monday everyone! Nothing to see here but a ham grazing in the deep grass!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Moving the pigz

I moved the pigz the other day - it was kind of an emergency "Oh no!" kind of thing. They had started to dig a big hole right under the gate!

 Hog happy in salad.

They had basically eaten everything in their current yard and we need to do a progressive yard by yard move down to the deep woods anyway. So the other day was the perfect time to go and find me fencing tools and get at it. 

Mostly I just needed to string up some field fence along the current hotwire we'd set up for the goats. The goats hadn't been interested at all at grazing down the hill....until I was working down there then they were all "But this is MY yard!" and the crying started. Too bad goats the pigz are moving in!

The hardest part about this fencing project was getting all the materials. You'll remember that I received the most romantic gift ever ...so I had plenty of field fence. But I didn't need that long of a section and I remembered there was some behind the Turkey House. Unfortunately it was in the weeds.... and I had to drag it out thru the brambles and down the hill. This really was the hardest part.

Make sure you turn of the electric fence first! Then set up the field fence outside the hotwire.

All I did was get my fence post pounder and whack in some tposts on the outside of the hotwire. I had to set up a couple hog panels to "close" this yard where the goats could previously just walk thru to the next yard. I also need to set up a panel near the "gate" section. I used the same gate we had to get into the pig yard - now it just swings the other way. I added a short section of hotwire across the inside of this part and added a fence connector and there you have it.

You can see the moonscape of the old yard. They had picked it clean.

The pigs had to figure out how to get up and out of their yard and I lured them with corn soaked in goat milk. But once they were in... they were in. There is a lot for them to eat and they are pig-dozing all around the stumps.

That's some happy pork.

This weekend we'll move them along to the next field by running the rest of the field fence to the next "yard" and doing a similar field fence with hotwire on the inside set up. Once they are all the way into this next yard I'll go thru and till up their old yards and plant turnips and pumpkins to keep them happy this fall.

Technically we should have moved them a couple weeks ago but that's OK. We'll get them moved soon enough.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you moving pigz?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lettuce Bucket

My new most favorite thing is.... the lettuce bucket. For whatever reason I could finally grow lettuce this year and it's doing GREAT! I've been having big beautiful salads almost every day.

This is a 2.5 gallon food grade bucket from the local bakery. It's the perfect size.

I'm really thrilled with being able to go up to the garden and grab a stalk of celery right from the plant, pull a green onion, clip some herbs, and then fill the rest of my lettuce bucket with lovely lettuce.

Just look how beautiful! Parsley, a green onion, a small broccoli, three kinds of lettuce, and some basil.

Why a bucket? Because it's an easy peasy way to carry my garden produce....and to wash it all at one time. The easiest way to clean greens is to fill a big pot with water, swish the greens all around, then pour off the water, rinse and repeat.... so a food grade bucket from your local donut shop or bakery is a great multi-use tool - you can carry and wash in one container. Once you rinse your greens you can than easily carry the bucket full of lightly-used water out to the garden and water your potted plants.

This is also a great way to keep just harvested greens fresh until later in the day. Cut the lettuce heads at the base with sharp kitchen shears then put cut-end down in your bucket with some water.

Then when you are ready you can make a beautiful chopped salad just like this.

Dressing? Who needs dressing on this lovely salad! Add some fresh goat cheese and it's perfect.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you carry your lettuce in a bucket? Give it a try - this has changed everything!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meat Chickens. Gone.

Finally - all that is left of the meat chickens is their empty pen. They are gone!

I can't wait to clean out this pen. It stinks!

Well not entirely gone - they are still cooling in the downstairs fridge. But thank heaven we finally got this done.

Our new schedule has made it hard to keep up with some of the "two person" farm chores so we were really overdue to butcher this group of meat chickens. Fortunately they weren't much trouble and they were laying eggs. Mostly they just happily meat-ed around and kept to themselves.

They were enormous. Like. Hugely fat. Filled with fat. Fat, fat, fatty-fat-fat. Which I've rendered down.

Our next project is to fire up the incubator and see if we can get any free meat to hatch from the eggs.

A couple questions have come up about this late-meat-project so I thought I'd answer them here.

Q:  Don't you have to butcher meat chickens at 9 weeks?
A:  Friend, the only thing you have to do in life is grow old and die. You can butcher your meat chickens whenever you want. Personally, we don't buy the "grow 'em out fast" route. We let them take their time for no other reason than the high protien feed is ridiculously expensive. We grow our meats out on corn and milk. Sure we get more fat but that's kinda how we like it.

Q: But aren't old meat chickens tough and gross?
A: We've never had a meat chicken that was not tasty and delicious. The only time we've had "slightly tough" meat was when we did not let the meat rest  a couple days in the fridge. As for gross.. meat chickens in general are gross. The longer you wait the more likely they are to have that "great muscle disease" and yes... that is very gross.

Q: How do you get eggs from meat chickens?
A: Just like regular chickens. The only reason that most folks don't see this is because they butcher the creepy meats so young.

Q: But I thought meat chickens couldn't breed?
A: I tell you the truth, there is nothing so horrible to watch as a a meat roo trying to get funky with one of the fatty ladies. It just doesn't work out. While the meat roos don't lack enthusiasm, with their oversized breasts and bad physical coordination, they just well... just no. So we bring in the big guns. Yep. We have a posse of regular big roos who like what the meat girls have to offer. I am too immature to go on any further about this. I'll let you know, tho, if any of the eggs work.

Q: I thought you didn't like to butcher in summer?
A: We don't! Ugh! It's horrible! Hot, sweaty, and stanky. Plus our garbage guy hates us. Seriously I ran out there and apologized to him after a recent butcher experience. We just chose the coolest day possible and got out there early. I'd love it if we had a walk in cold room for non-winter butchering. I know a guy who is working on this and am waiting to see how it turns out.

So smell ya later, meat chickens, thanks for the eggs. And now I'm going to run right out and get that pen shoveled out. I have a lot of hay to take up and it's going right in this spot.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you have fatty meat chickens left? Did you butcher last weekend?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mud Boggin' with the Pigz

I don't like mud. I don't like pigz. You can imagine how happy I was to come home from a terrific time in town to find this.....

 Pig waterer. In mud. No one was happy about this.

Yep. That's their waterer. In the wallow. It is extremely hot out there so someone had to go and get it. I looked around. Yep. No one here but me.


Thanks Nibs.

Luckily the goats came along to provide moral support - or laugh if I ended up in the mud.

I entered the lion's den, dogless, with only a hoe to use for my defense and as a retrieval tool. The pigz still think I'm their momma and that I love them. No. Just. No. I tried to distract them with frozen hard boiled eggs but that only worked for so long.

Pigz love mud. And water from the hose.

Once their waterer was free and filled they rejoiced by ignoring it completely. The wallow is more of a swimmin' hole then a mud pit. But they are happy just the same. Happy as pigz in mud.

 They immediately ignored the waterer I worked so hard to free and went back to mud boggin'.

Happy Monday everyone! Did you go mud boggin' with your pigz?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little Goats

There is a lot of screwin' around happening out there in the barnyard. This for instance....

Oh Dahli.....

Everyone is doing great. Debbie and her Cow Boys are super....


Dahli's baby and "Frosty" are a hoot.

And there are a lot of funny little faces.

I have to say that Frost is a favorite.

We finally caught a break from the heat and humidity - today should be stunning. Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Taters. We got 'em. Had 'em last nite for supper. Whooot!

I snuck a few of these new potatoes out from under the tater plants last nite. Hopefully the plants will just keep growing the baby spuds that I left behind. These tender and extremely thin skinned potatoes were absolutely heavenly.

More rain will be moving in later so I have to get out there.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you getting the first of the potatoes?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pig Update

The porkers are doing GREAT. Remember this three-pack from just over a month ago? They look very delicious and are very happy.

 Happy pigz make delicious pork!

During the heat I make sure that their wallow is full and that they have plenty of water. They think the hose is amazing. Remember, tho, not to "shock" your pigz with too cold water lest they flop over dead. Seriously. It's a thing. We've never had a problem but I know someone who did. Mostly I just give them a little sprinkle and let them play in the water as they'd like.

Look at those hams!

They had a special treat yesterday - frozen hard boiled eggs. Kind of like egg-popsicle. They were very excited and thought it was terrific.

Kai, does not want to be friends with the pigz.

The big story, however, is that our Kai has started to come with me into the pig yard. This is huge and is a big step for her. She and Zander will never be the same kind of hard workin' farm dogs as Titan... but they have their place. Mostly she is the muscle and my best hunter. Coming with me into the pig yard is helping her learn, "Guard momma" which is one of my favorite commands. She is taking her queues from my Dog#1 and also from her strong natural instincts to protect her human.

You'll remember that there is always a point where I do not want to go into the pig yard. We are rapidly approaching that point. So I need some good helpers.

I let the pigz decide if they want to play in the water or just be amazed by it.

The first day she came with me I just let the pig yard gate open and called her in. I knew the pigz were more interested in me and the feed bucket so they wouldn't run out. This let Kai come in at her own speed. My #1 was busy pacing behind me - allowing me to face the pigz with the feed but his working stance kept them from plowing over me.

While I was feeding them one of the pigz trotted right up to Kai all happy and excited to meet someone new. He sallied right up as if to say, "Hi! Will you be my friend?"

Kai did not want to be his friend.

Showing great restraint she immediately got into her hunting stance (mane and ridge up, chest out, tail curled tighter...), showed her teeth, and when that porker didn't back off she gave him a warning bark which sent him running.

The big thing is that she did NOT run off after the pig or lose her mind and run him down... and she held her ground.  All this happened while I was well out of reach. This tells me that she is starting to make really good decisions and has really developed her self control. I also really like her boldness.

If I tried this with Zander we would be having pork chops for dinner tonite. Zander is very aggressive with the pigz - not that it's a bad thing. We just need him to get over his "puppy brain" to the point where I can work with him. This is just a maturity thing and I don't doubt he will be able to do this same thing very soon. He's already making great strides and is extremely obedient even in the face of flapping chickens and running ducks. 

My next training task will be to try and direct Kai - like I do with my Dog#1. By pointing and commanding him I can position him between me and the pigz... and also have him herd the pigz where I want them to go. We'll be moving the pigz into a new pasture soon so having two big burly dogs help me herd the pigz will be a tremendous help.

This also gives me a lot of confidence in working with the pigz. My husband has a new work schedule so I almost always have chores by myself. So being able to take Kai and my Dog#1 into the pig yard is really important to me...not only for my safety but it just makes things so much easier. While its hilarious to have a smallish pig run between your legs or bump into you - having a 250 pound porker do the same is dangerous and not funny at all. 

Great job, Kai!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do your dogs work with you? Are your pigz happy to see you?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Looks like it's headed up to 95* and no rain or storms in sight. Pretty much my job today will be to keep everyone alive.

Goat herd grazing.

Part of this will be to take the goats down to the woods. I've been taking them down to the new grazing area...and they've finally started going down there by themselves. But they have to run past the pigz really fast - which is kind of funny.

Eat faster, Nibs!

They really need to start working on this area - Nibbles is belly deep.

The babies either don't want to go with them - or the mommas are telling them to stay by the goat house. Usually Great-grandma Debbie or Grandma Dahli stays behind to babysit.

After I mowed down the yard the ducks came down to look around.

As far as I can tell only one of the babies has made the long walk down the hill - and that was a disaster. Me and the dog were in the upper garden when we heard terrible screaming. We dropped our tools and ran for it - I was yelling for the dog, "Where is she? Find it! Find it!" and also to Debbie, "What's wrong!? What's wrong?"

When we got down the hill we found that Frosty - Darla's baby - was the one screaming. There was a fly on her. No, it wasn't biting her. She was just scared. Of a fly. *sigh*  We'll chalk that up to reason 872 why dogs are better than goats.

Today should be a looloo.... so don't forget your extreme heat livestock care.

Happy Tuesday everyone - is it going to be hot where you are today?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Love Looks Like...

Here is what real love looks like....

True romance.

...660 feet of fencing... what could possibly be better? Thanks, honey!

My hubs went and got this yesterday. One of our most important projects this summer will be to fence in the pond. For the last couple summers the waterfowl have not had access to the pond - the stupid foxes are just to eager to help themselves to the birds. But soon all our problems will be over.

Once we fence around the pond, which is currently outside our perimeter fence, we'll be able to let Kai and Zander run wild and rid the land of varmints. Then we'll be able to let the ducks and geese back into the pond during the day.

And nope, you don't need a pond to have ducks or geese - just make sure they have a tub or kidding swimming pool to splash around in. But it will be great to have everyone swimming around.

Once we get this area fenced in the goats will have a new place to graze down near the pond.  Soon the pond will be a hive of activity. I'm so excited!

Happy Sunday everyone! Does anyone love you enough to buy two rolls of field fence?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Everything Works Out

So this happened the other day. 

Sometimes things don't go right. Don't take it personally.

And then yesterday was a humdinger. Not only did I get zapped by the electric fence while mowing.... I was standing in a patch of poison ivy when I did it. It was not exhilarating in a good way. I went in the house and had some ice cream.

It got me thinking, tho, about how not everything works out. But that's OK. Not everything in life is going to go perfectly. How you react to non-perfect days can largely determine the course of your life - and the that of the folks around you.

Are you a club thrower, road rager, food server curser, chronic complainer, teller of woes, fault finder? Do you go thru life enumerating every wrong that has been done to you? Do you rehearse every slight, insult, offense? Do you come home and tell your spouse about every single person who parked badly, cut you off, or heaven forbid had too many items in the express check out lane?

Baby, why the rage? Aren't you tired of exhausting yourself with that misery?

I'm not superstitious and I don't believe in astrology... but being that it is a Friday the 13th, and the full moon, and apparently we have some big solar flares going on.... it could get a little nutty out there. So I'm just going to gently and lovingly suggest that everyone gear down a bit and try to give each other a break today.

What if, instead of assuming that bad parker is just a jerk, what if you imagined a situation where the person next to them parked badly so they had to scoot over...and the next person had to scoot over, and so by the time you showed up it was just a series of scootin' over and not a vast conspiracy just to ruin your day?

What if there was absolutely no one around at the check out so the grocery gal called the next customer over, and in an attempt to be nice, invited the person with 14 items to use the "12 items or less" express line. And then you happened to come up to that line. Instead of scowling, or even scolding them, what if you just shrugged it off?

What if you didn't write some crappy, negative comment if you didn't agree with the poster? What if you just scrolled right on by and didn't give it another thought?  What if you didn't correct someone's spelling, or more likely, their bad typing?

I'm always dumbfounded by folks who are so outraged, so offended, so personally wounded when every little thing doesn't go their way. I'm not talking about big things like an illness, or being laid off, or not getting the job. I'm just talking about someone who is mad because they don't like the cheese on their salad, or if someone is in "their" spot, or if they happen to get in the check out line with the trainee.

Instead of going out of your way to be offended how's about if we all go out of our way to be kind to each other? Let's all do this for no reason other than we all just need a break today. Kindness is contagious so let's sprinkle it all over today.

Let's all thank the trainee for doing a great job (even if you have to choke those words out), let's respond with "whatever is easiest for you" when they ask paper or plastic, let's park further out so that a mom with her kids or an older person can have that up close parking spot.  Let's give encouragement to someone starting a new project (instead of telling them how they are doing it wrong and it will never work), let's reach out to someone who could use a friend, let's open doors for each other, let's look someone in the eye and smile, or just hold back any negative thought comment or action.

What do you think? Do you need a break? Are you giving someone else a break? Not everything is going to work out but at least we can try to help each other along.

Happy Friday the 13th! Look out for looniness and solar flares!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm so in trouble!

Oh no!!! Look what happened!

Handful of trouble.

Um... no one tell my husband that my momma goose, Cindy Lou, hatched a lone gosling. I wasn't supposed to have any more gooses! Or gooselings!  Dang.... maybe I could disguise this little cutie as a baby turkey?

Quick people! I have some 'splainin' to do! I need an alibi! Plausible deniability! Some kind of rational explanation for how this happened. I could say that someone did a "drive by goosing" and left this little lumpkins by the gate!

I'm totally in trouble. Zoikes!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Are you in trouble?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Thistles. I got 'em....

....and I ain't even mad.

I've been picking thistles every day for the goaties. They just love them. It's a total win since the thistles are so good for the soil. Everyone is happy and my soil is improved. Who would have guessed that such spiny, prickly plants can become luscious goat milk, which fattens the pigs, which becomes bacon. Isn't it an amazing process?

I've also been cutting some alfalfa for the ladies every day. I can't do my big hay cutting project this week because it's going to rain. I need 3 dry days in a row for the cutting and the raking and the drying...and then finally dragging it into the barn. It's a lot of work but I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you have thistles? Are you mad or are you making bacon with them?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Boss Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake. He said he wanted lemon cake. Lemon is not chocolate therefore, who cares about it. I tried to offer lemon bars... but he wasn't budging. It had to be lemon cake. Really, really lemony cake. I've gotten an F- on my previous attempts because they were not lemony enough. So I needed the most lemony cake ever. With cream cheese frosting.

This is not chocolate cake.

I ask you, friends, do you know how hard it is to find a lemon layer cake recipe that does not start with "a box of lemon cake mix?"  Who would have thought it would have been so difficult.

Zero chocolate here.

So I made it up. Yep. I used a couple of different recipes and cut-n-pasted the ingredients until it looked "about right." I used the recipes from here and also here and a bit of this too.  The problem is that sometimes I make stuff up - but then I forget what I did so I'm going to write this one down. This is a keeper.

Boss Lemon Cake

1 cup unsalted butter, softened
2 cups granulated sugar
4 large eggs, at room temperature

2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour

3/4 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

For assembly:
Lemon curd

Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting:
8 oz of cream cheese, softened
8 oz of butter softened
3 or 4 cups (??) of powdered sugar
A couple tablespoons, or glugs, of lemon juice
Splash of vanilla

How to:
Cream together the sugar and butter. Add the eggs one at a time and beat in well. In a different bowl mix together the baking powder, soda, salt and flour. Mix dry ingredients and the buttermilk into the sugar and eggs - but alternate the flour mix and the buttermilk. About half way thru I added the lemon juice.

Pour into prepared pans - 2 nine inch rounds, greased and floured, and bake at 350* for about 25 mins or until toothpick comes out clean. Let cool in pans for 10 minutes then turn out on cooling rack until entirely cooled.

You guys know how to make frosting, right? Cream together the cream cheese and the butter then add the lemon juice and vanilla... then add the powdered sugar a little at a time until it looks about right - light and fluffy and is delicious.

Put first half of cake on a big plate. Spread the top with lemon curd. Add a layer of frosting on top of the curd. Top with second half of cake. Frost the rest of the cake.

To make sure that I had the creamiest, lemoniest cake possible I made the butter from cream. This was great because I made the butter just before I started this cake - so the butter was nice and soft. How easy is that? No waiting around for the butter to soften - or trying to cheat by putting it in the microwave. I also made the buttermilk by adding a couple tablespoons of lemon juice to whole milk and letting it set.

I have bad pictures because the cake was so good I couldn't wait for good lighting.

Then I got the best lemon juice I could find. Did I squeeze it from real lemons? No - are you kidding have you seen the prices lately?  Plus using the lemon zest freaks me out, man, who knows where those lemons have been.... so I didn't do any of that fancy stuff.  Did I make the lemon curd? Nope I just got some from the store too.

So how did it turn out? Lemony! The Big Man declared it as good as what his grandma used to make and everyone was happy. I even liked it.... despite the dire lack of chocolate. And it turns out lemon cake is a breakfast food.

We are calling this lemon cake a raging success. It was totally boss.

Happy Monday everyone! Are you a cake boss? Do you make up your own recipes?

Editor's Note: More Amazon affiliate links? Yep. All y'all are gonna ask which lemon juice and what curd so here they are. But for heaven's sakes, they are super duper expensive to order online! So just go and get this stuff from the store. But in the mean time... if you already need something from Amazon just go there by clicking one of these links. Remember this gets me a tiny percentage of the sale. If you like this blog, or if I've helped you at all in your farming efforts, just make a purchase from Amazon from one of the links, my store, or the black Amazon search box on the right side of this page. You can buy anything - even lemon curd for three times the store price! Thanks everyone!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nibbles' Epic Milk

In honor of this story today - thanks FDA really you're doing a superduper job - I'm making cheese. From raw milk. If you are to believe all the horrors that the FDA is spewing then I'll likely die.... probably from deliciousness.

Wow what a milk!

Nibble had an epic milk this morning. Check it out - it was over eight cups!

Thanks Nibs! Check in tomorrow to see if I died.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Garden Firsts - At Last!

What a glorious day in the garden! This morning has been absolutely perfect!

I got a glimpse of my first tomato... I can't wait for it to be ripe!

And the broccoli is doing GREAT!

But this.. this is what I'm so excited about......

You whack it down when it starts to bloom.

The alfalfa is starting to bloom. You know what that means.... free feed for the goats. Oh glory I can't wait to get out there and scythe it all down....

Of course, last weekend we gave up waiting for it to be ready and had to buy hay. Rats.

Oh well... this alfalfa project is hands down our best farm project. I'm always amazed that it works... but it does. I should have done some fertilizing in the fall but couldn't get to it. I was supposed to put potash on it... but I think it's OK.

You'll remember that we were so thrilled last year with how it turned out. I'll be so glad to no buy hay for the rest of the season..... of course I'll need some for winter but for now... free free free!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hey! Are you excited about your hay?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Funny things in the yard

I need to get outside before the rain gets to us.... so I'll leave you with a few funny things I saw in the yard the other day....

 Kai was very happy about playing in the water trough.

Shine was trollin' under the bridge.

And there was this little heap of baby goats. 

The funniest thing that happened was that Shine, our King of Barncats, came walking up dragging a rabbit that was almost too big for him to carry. I... ahem.. did not get a picture of that. He is our best assassin. We love our silver puma and congratulated him on his kill. But we have no idea what happened to it - by the time I put down my tools I couldn't find him. Even tho he got it fair and square I really didn't want him to eat it... it could be anywhere.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Has any body seen a slightly chewed on bunny carcass?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Goat Roll Call!

We have a barnyard full of goats! I need to get a handle on the census so here are all the babies...

Darla's Spotty Baby 1 (doeling) (born May 20)

Darla's Spotty Baby 2 (buckling) (born May 20)

Daisy baby doeling (born May 25)

Daisy baby buckling (born May 25)

Dahli baby doeling (born May 28)

Dahli baby buckling (born May 28)

Debbie's Cow Boys - Brown and Black (born May 31)

Of course there are a lot of shenanigans out there. This is what happens...

Boop all the things!  (As my friend, L, would say...)

Happy Monday everyone - do you have a yard full of goats. For heavens sakes there is a whole herd out there!

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