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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you think I planted this one too deep?

I can't help it... I love my hens..... these sillies just love potting soil for dust baths. I caught this gal in the act yesterday afternoon and another about ready to jump in...

I loved this little "still life" also - check out the guinea hen peeping around in the back. Now that we've gotten them to be quiet at nite we really like them. They have this funny little tippy-toe run which is just hilarious to watch. One of them chased the dog yesterday....but the dog was headed somewhere and didn't realize there was a ferocious guinea runnin' him down. I think that guinea was very proud of himself for running off that "wolf."

Farm Notes:
* Found a younger turkey hen on a nest is the woods...and also Bramble (our best turkey momma) made a nest in the..you guessed it... bramble. We should have named her "Extra Stickery Rose Bush" cuz thats where she likes to lay. We took up all the eggs and put them in turkey hut. She got up and came in with the crew last nite so I don't think she is ready to set yet. When she is we'll wait for it to get dark and then move her in with the eggs. We left her some chicken eggs so she wouldn't know her nest was disturbed.
* Finished re-purposing the brooder and tractor for the dinner chix so I'm just about to move them outside.
* Mollee chased one of the hens out of her nest box but I'm not sure she is setting her nest right. When she gets up I'll go check it out. Miss Dash wanted to sleep with her eggs last nite but got up in the morning. Not much later tho, she stood in front of the brooder and stomped her little feet until I let her in. Honestly, how could you NOT love that little duck?
* Little Nibbles is still looking like she is going to pop..she's out there grunting. Nothing yet. She could be faking it.
* We separated Debbie from the skip poppers last nite and WOW! She had a full bag of milk - talk about a 'hocker knocker!'... She is definitely back in business. The little ones didn't cry at all until I walked Debbie to the milking stand. I think it was all a performance.  She's about ready to be done with them - everytime they came around she walked away. The weaning has begun!
* For bee reference, the dandelions started blooming - a sign to put the queen extractor in (keeps her from laying eggs in the honey gathering sections of the hive).

And that's the news... happy wednesday everyone! Its sunny and 66*!


Sally said...

Hi ofg!!

That is the cutest photo of planted chicken!!! I almost fell down laughing when I saw it. Too cute!!

Chai Chai said...

The guineas really look bizarre. Are those Wyandotte chickens?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi chai chai!

I still cant leave comments on your site - wow you guys are busy!

These are barred rocks - they are great little hens

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