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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Started with Homestead Dairy - My Interview on Eight Acres!

Hey look! My pal, Farmer Liz is continuing her series on "Getting Started" and she interviewed me!  I really love this series she is doing. The Homestead Dairy section is especially great - you can learn how folks got started with cows or goats.

Her interview with me is here - and it's how we entered the wonderful world of dairy goats. Ah goats.... the poor man's cow. Learn how it all began, what we learned, and there are funny pix of goats too.

Be sure to check out the other interviews -there is really a lot to learn. Thanks, Farmer Liz!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

1 comment:

Ann from KY said...

gotta love the goats! We got into them for the same reason--couldn't drum up $1200 for a dairy cow but we could find $200 for a registered nubian tested negative for CAE doe. got more than one. It has worked out great for us!

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