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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tomato Madness!

Did everyone survive Irene? We had nothing but blue skies here.... and wow! That northerly wind brought us a cool and refreshing day on Sunday.

Unfortunately our weather guy said that we are headed for a cool fall. Soon. So I've been canning like mad. Its been total tomato madness around here. Check out these beauties!

And what a deal! I found a great bargain to tell all the South Eastern Ohio folks about - do you have one of those Witten Farm Stands near you? They sell boxes of "canning tomatoes" for $8! That's 25 pounds of tomatoes for $8! What a deal!

I wasn't sure how they'd cook down but they were nice and meaty and did great. You can see that Nicholas is still working hard as our "for scale" model, right Ginny?

Anyway, you might have to ask at the stand and they may take your name and tell you to come back a different day. The only reason I found out about this great deal was that I happened to see one small sign on their counter.  It was a fluke that I even stopped. Normally I just pass them by and go to a local orchard for peaches, but I stopped for something one day. I was glad to see Witten Farms was an Ohio, family owned farm. I'll definitely be sure to stop by more often to support local produce. 

As for green beans, we are still in full scale green bean mania. We got another bushel from our Amish neighbor and that noise you are hearing is us snappin' beans as fast as we can.

I had an epic canning fail tho - two of my jars broke! What a waste! The bottoms of the quart jars broke out and they were a total loss. I was just heartsick.  All that snapping gone to waste... but onward and upward, right? Especially if you've got adorable little ducks to look at all day....

Hope that everyone is OK after the big storm... the next couple days should be interesting as everyone gets their power back on and assesses the damage. If you hear from Veggie PAK please let him know I'm pacing the floor with worry. I know they got hit pretty hard.  
UPDATE: Our pal VPAK, is just fine and so is his garden. WHEW! Thanks to some luck and some careful planning they are A-OK. Great to hear from you, VPAK and glad all is well.

Happy Monday everyone!


David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

Yep, been canning here this weekend too - more pickles and some marinara. The coolness has been delicious!

Tami said...

Holey Moley...$8 dollars? Why bother planting a garden if you can get it at that price! (Thats' what the lazy side of me says, but the self sufficient side says "grow your own"!) and buy from the farmers when you need the surplus.

(I just posted about a case of green bell peppers that I purchased at the FM for surplus.)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

That was a nice bargain of tomatoes you have there! Sorry to hear of those jar breaks! Sometimes that just happens, maybe the jar was weak at the bottom..
You still have more beans coming in,that's a blessing. We were blessed too that the storm was not as close to us. That cat looks too lazy to even move!

Chai Chai said...

BLT's, tomato paste, BLT's, spaghetti sauce, tomato's with salt....when can I come for lunch?

Robin said...

What a deal on those tomatoes! Sorry about the jars....I hate that when that happens!

You are very lucky to have Nicholas right there helping you out all the time!! And those ducks....too cute!

Thanks for letting us know about VP!

Anonymous said...

No canning for me this year. Nothing has grown in my garden. The chard stopped once it reached 4". The pear tree is turning brown and shriveled at the end of the branches.

The only upside of almost no rain (and yes I watered the garden) is that we didn't have the Annual Basement Flood this year.

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