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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey thats GREAT! And some aw shucks-ing

Hey! It's a Shout Out day for some of my online pals! Oh golly did I get some fun news and I just had to share....

First, remember my pal J from Insurgent Chickens? The story continues and I just had to tell you about the great turn of events. You can also hear it from the man himself over on his blog...but here's the story. J is doing such a great job with his farmin' in a limited space... and I loved to hear about how he was "share cropping" on a friend's land. They had some extra dirt, he had the gumption - so they worked together to put in a plot of taters. Wow what a great partnership!

But wait there's more... my friend BBH mentioned that she wanted to get more creepy meat chickens but was holding off because she really needed some help on butcher day. And guess what - BBH lives kinda close to J....and he really needed more space if he was going to do more chickens....and BBH needed butcher help...and the light bulb went off in my little head. So I made the introduction - and they made the connection....and now BBH is raising the chickens and J will head over for butcher day. Now THAT'S great team work. I'm really proud of both of my pals for figuring out a way to work together for the benefit of them both. And I can't wait to hear the story about butcher day.Yay team!

And for the aw shucks-in'... I loved that Coco Over at Galician Garden gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Yay! Thanks baby! She has a beautiful site - be sure to check it out.  I received this award before but I have to tell you - I just love this kind of thing. So thanks again, Coco! I think these awards are a fun way to recognize each other and to be introduced to new folks.

So here are the rules - thank the person who gave you the award, link back to them - of course, and then pass the award on to other folks (and be sure to tell them about it). Then you must give seven fun facts about yourself.

I really thought you knew everything about me as you read  here.  But OK maybe I still have a few secrets:

1. I can free dive to over 50 feet - probably close to 60 feet. Its true. I used to spend a lot of time in Hawaii and I can snorkel and free dive with the best of them. Someone once called me Jackie Cousteau and I thought that was pretty funny.

2. I don't like bananas. Or banana flavored stuff. The smell of baking banana bread makes me want to barf. I say no more on this.

3. I'm a total sci-fi nerd. I think you know this but I don't think you know how bad it is. I have a Christmas tree ornament of the Enterprise. It lights up and everything. I love it.

4.  I don't like team sports. I don't like to play them or watch them. One time I went to a pro baseball game (under duress) and after the first seven hours got bored and started to read a book. Some of the drunken fans screamed at me for not caring about their game. Really? And you think a drunk fool yelling at me is gonna make me want to come back? Really?

5. One of the best days of my life (besides my wedding to The Big Man, of course) was a spectacular summer day in my early 20's. The first time I went to Europe I was on one of those tours - you know the company, the guy from PBS? And when we got to Switzerland I just couldn't leave. So I abandoned the tour, waved goodbye to the bus, and hiked the high roads in the Lauterbrunnen valley alone. It was perfect.

6. My father was a Thud pilot, its where I get my 'hell yeah.' This will mean something to some of you - like Chai Chai's The Commander - and it might just make some of you take a step back and say "Well that explains a lot."

7.  The chickens are the best part of my farm day. I can't help it - I love them and don't care who knows.

Since I've passed this award along before I'll  remind everyone who I choose. And... I'd love to give J at Insurgent Chickens this fine award for all his good work.

Happy Monday everyone!


Mr. H. said...

Very interesting, we have #2, 3, and 4 in common and I use to love diving off cliffs around a certain lake when I was a wee lad, I'm sure none of them were too much over 30 ft up though.

Good job on the set up, we need a little more of that kind of barter going on.

JeffJustJeff said...

Just when I thought I couldn't like you more than I do! You should see my Star Trek collection LOL. I used to have a Star Trek room, but now they're all packed away in boxes.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

You just make sure you take care of my lil boy or is it a girl :o)

Tami said...

I'm also grossed out by banana's and I'm SUCH a "frackin" (BSG Fan)Sci-Fi geek too. My husband thought I enjoyed sports as much as he did until after we were married and I fessed-up. (Hey guys...Girls only watch sports so we can be close to you. We don't REALLY care.)

Chai Chai said...

Whooo---Hoooo! Have to love an A/c that is named after the sound its single engine makes, the THUD drove fear into the hearts of its enemies.


The Commander was/is a Naval Aviator and he wanted me to pass this little ditty along to you:

"I don't know but I've been told,
Navy wings are made of gold,
I don't know but its been said,
Air Force wings are made of lead."

Of course nothing flies like a Colonial Viper......


Notice the Viper is launch via catapult!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I'm telling ya, Mr H, we're like twins... and hee hee.. The highest I ever jumped off was the low side of a boat.. but I can swim down underwater to at least 50 ft.

JJJ - Nerd alert! Whoot! Whoot! We all nerd herd together for sure.

Hi Ginny! I think its a she and she's doing great. I moved her over to the brooder (from the incubator) and she's popping around with the others. She's adorable.

Tami - plz meet Chai Chai, fellow nerd. (see her comments ha!)The final BSG show was a dark day. I stayed inside for like a week weeping that it was over. And Caprica was such a disappointment.

CC - HI-larious. Thats the navy for you, good for takin' the ground troops where they need to go. Ha! Please meet Tami (above) - also referenced Battlestar. Nerds - so say we all.

I like to pretend I'm Starbuck when I'm out in the yard. Sometimes. Ok alot of the time. For instance, I say to the chickens “I could do this all day. Who’s next?” Then they run from me.

Lynn Ward, Oklahoma said...

Love your blog. You are 100 % right on the state of the nation with our political leaders. Has anyone looked to see what the congress is paid, their perks, the free college for their kids. Come on folks how many of us get paid 150,00.00 a year, get the best retirement and health insurance and our kids do not have to pay back student loans ? i would like to see them live on what social security, disability an VA recipients recieve monthly. When they takl about entitlement programs are they talking about themselves also, seems to me that the general public have paid into social security, medicare and the such for as long as we have worked, if they are going to do away with those benifits I want my money back along with all the intrest it has had the ability to draw for the length of my working life. These are not entitlements, we have paid for them. The average Social security, disability, VA checks are from a few hundred dollars to about 1,500.00 per mont. Not a lot of money. Thanks for the rant.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Lynn- exactly! At this rate I won't see one dime of the $ that I put into the system. And frankly, I'm sick of them sneering the word "entitlement." Making older people and soldiers bear the burden of a bad system just don't seem right.

Thanks for chiming in - feel free to say 'hi' anytime. And keep cool there in OK, for sure!

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