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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taking Up The Taters

We've been taking up the 'taters!  Nothing compares to fresh, new potatoes right from your garden. Whether its from the heat, or my early planting, the potatoes are ready to be harvested. Sure I could keep them in the ground a bit longer to cure.. but nah..... I just love the tender, thin skins and the fresh and delicious taste.

Mashed, fried, roasted, or in classic potato salad... my paleo is taking a powder as I'm partaking of all these potatoes. Of course, my pal Freemotion will remind me to make sure I have a lot of fat (butter, cream, bacon) in my potato portion to counteract the blood sugar spike I'll get from all these carby, lovely potatoes. But that's OK - my Germanic roots cry out for that anyway.

Harvest is easy - as soon as the tops die back go and get your pitchfork, rake off the clean straw you've heavily mulched the potatoes with when you planted them, and then dig in.

Sometimes you can find the potatoes on the surface! No digging required... but lift the soil anyway just to catch any that are hiding beneath the surface.

And sometimes they get kind of off course so be sure to dig around that nice straight row that you originally planted them in... I love seeing how far away they can get.

These are Yukon Gold but those Irish Cobblers are ready also

Remember that the best thing about harvesting potatoes is that it preps your bed for fall gardening. All that straw is a bit composted down and all that digging helps loosen the soil. I'll do a quick pass with the tiller, rake off any weeds, and then plant carrots, beets, and turnips in these beds.

And now, I need to head outside. We have heat warnings again and are look at another 100*+ heat index. But first I'm going to fry up some of our bacon until its crispy, dice up some of our purple onions, mix with mayo and mustard, and stir in some of the taters I boiled until tender. That, friends, is how you make potato salad OFG style.

How about you - what's your favorite potato salad style?


freemotion said...

We had some new potatoes last night, too! I have one more row that I let stay in the garden to ripen, those will be my keepers.

Yep, lotsa fat! Don't forget that crumbled bacon and bacon grease are nice, too, and almost any kind of cheese (no low fat icky non-cheese, please!) go well. I like to mix butter and bacon grease for super flavor.

I used the few potatoes in our stew last night as a way to eat up all the nice flavorful fat that rises to the top of the soup. So yummy!


Robin said...

I just love digging potatoes! It's like digging for gold! We've been enjoying our Yukon Golds...yummy!!

Vickie said...

Just add some sweet pickle relish and a boiled egg and I'm good to go!

Stoney Acres said...

Looks like you are having a great potato harvest this year. We plant some potatoes early in the spring so that we have some for summer eating. But most of our potatoes don't go in until Mid May so they won't really be ready until mid September.

I love potatoes but for some reason I've never gained a real taste for potato salad.

Unknown said...

Sounds good! I like the twice baked- bake them (or nuke them), remove the filling, mix with sour cream, chives, bacon, whatever, and stick back in the skin, bake again for a few minutes. It's a meal!

Damummis said...

Now I need to go check my taters.....*drool*

Chai Chai said...

Potato salad: Dill relish, mayo, mustard, black olives, potato's, hard boiled egg chunks, salt, pepper, and paprika. Very refreshing!

Nic said...

Mine's one I learnt to make while in Germany. Diced onion and gerkins with your sliced potato. Add some sakt and pepper then pour in some liquid from the gerkin jar. Mix up and stash in the fridge overnight. Day of serve, mix in some mayo. The prewetting with the gerkin juice means you don't need as much mayo, which is why I like this recipe as I'm not a huge fan of mayo

David said...

tTaters, mayo, mustard, sweet relish (just a dot), peeled and seeded cuke slices, garnish with hard boiled egg slices, green onion confetti and paprika

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