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Friday, October 25, 2013

First Snow

So. It snowed. A lot. As in it snowed all stinkin' morning on Wednesday (Oct 23rd for my records) and on and off all day on Thursday.

What could possibly be sadder than so much snow falling on these apples?

Yep. Snow. Thankfully it didn't stick - and I'm even more grateful that I got the last of the garden covered up. At this writing we have a pretty frosty freeze going on out there - it's about 29* - so I don't know if the last of the veggies made it or not.

Nicholas. Hard at work holding down the couch.

The good news is that we spent the day in front of the wood burning stove on Wednesday - me and Nicholas did a bang up job of holding down the couch. Yesterday I had a super productive day - it was all peppers all the time. Got the last batch of salsa canned up, some other peps into the freezer, and I made a batch of sriracha.

Remember that zinnia from the other day? Now with snow.

Some kind of frozen precipitation should not be falling out of the sky today. But just in case the cats and I are going to be on patrol down by the wood stove.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you being pelted by some kind of snow-rain-ice mix?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

We had a snow in VA once when the green leaves were still on trees and it did a lot of damage. Just cold here, 25 F degrees and no snow, lucky for us.

MT Dreamer said...

Ack! It's too early for snow. It's barely cooled off yet here in Texas. Pretty snow fall though. :)

buddeshepherd said...

I can't even think about snow. We just dried out from our six inches of rain and I can finally work ground. I am not ready for winter.

Vera said...

Here in SW France our temperatures are still up, making one of our pear trees think that its time to put some flowers on show! Keep warm and toasty!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

No snow here, but it is oh so cold and we are usually much warmer so ready for some warm weather!

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