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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Darla, MIT

Here's little Darla, Milker in Training.

For all those haters and that'll-never-workers... this style of milk stand training works just fine. Yesterday I called Daisy, she looked at me funny, stood there for a second, then did a little hip hop, and then ran right down to the gate. I put the leash on her and she walked calmly to the milk stand. Good girl, Daisy!

Darla here still needs a little convincing - but she's doing a great job.

Working on more clearing today - wow we are really making progress!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are your milkers in training on the stand?

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Farmer Liz said...

yes, we don't have stand for the cows, we have a bale and we trained our heifer Molly in there for a few months before she had her calf. She was very quick to get the concept that there was food in the bale and she did not like waiting for our other cow to go first. After she had her calf though, she refused to come into the bale, but once we did force her in there (through a series of complicated gates and yard arrangements) she happily stood there and ate. Cows are funny animals. But I definitely recommend getting the milking animal used to bales before she had her calf, because she will be stressed enough with all the change by then and not a good time to start a new routine. We found picking up the calf and brining it into the bales is the best way to get the cow to come with us.

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