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Friday, February 5, 2010

Barnyard Bad Boys

It has been suggested, ahem, that in spite of all my complaining.... I might actually LIKE all these wild Barnyard Bad Boys -- Fred the Rooster, OD the Gander, and a few others.

I would like to clarify this.


The other day someone was asking why I even bother having roosters - especially with the fisticuffs between Big Pansy and Fred. Many people believe that having roosters is more trouble than its worth - that they make the hens nervous, they are too hard to control, etc. But I think thats bad 'old school' thinking. Even tho I don't like Fred, I sure do love him. He takes care of the hens in ways other than 'romantic.'  Which means less work for me. And he's kind of a knight in shining armor for the hens.

Roosters can be great protectors of the flock. They keep an eye to the sky for hawks, act as referees between squabbling hens, lets the clucks know when to go in for the nite, and will challenge intruders. I love to see Fred find some tasty treats out in the barnyard and then call the hens to him. Most of the time he will call the hens but then he won't eat what he found.  Hens need more nutrition with all the egg layin' and what not....and roosters just need to maintain their body weight. He hunts for them and protects them to ensure the flock survives.

Sure he does his 'duty' so we get several clutches of chicks a year... but for all the trouble I sure appreciate everything he does. I know that Fred will sound the alarm if there is trouble so I can come running.  We are an unlikely team - like Turner and Hooch.

Do I have a crush on this bad boy - yep I sure do!


Chai Chai said...

Seems to be more like a Batman and CatWoman thing. Normally arch enemies, working for opposite goals, but on occasion they can team up for the right reasons - and of course there is the whole "bad" thing for both sides going on.

Mimi said...

My parents love birds so most of my pets when I was a kid were birds. My suggestion? Be the Alpha bird. As long as they know you will stand up to them, they'll respect you.

We had a mean Amazon parrot when I was growing up. My family was scared of her. She didn't bite me often and would fly around the house looking for me. Why? Because I wanted to train her to do tricks and I did so taking my wounds in the process but also showing her that I was the boss.

Bird bites hurt, but if you can take a few pecks, they'll leave you alone.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks, ladies. I will miss Fred. But at least I still have OD...and that stupid tom turkey, TurkZilla still hates me...

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