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Friday, February 26, 2010

Corner feeder

Apologies if you saw this before I finished it! Yikes! Technology... its something.

Anyway, I received a couple of comments and questions about corner feeders. So lets take another look.

This is, hands down, the best 'make at home' feeder I've seen. Honestly I saw one of those metal ones at the feed store today and I'm still shaking my head - why not just do this? We all have the tools you need just sitting in the barn, and who doesn't have hog panels everywhere?

This was in a breeder's barn and we snapped a few pix. His barn is extraordinary. He has set up everything so its easy to work in, requires the least amount of work for him, and is the best for his goats. See that he put garden hose over the bottom rung so no one gets scratched up.

This is our corner feeder - see that we just tacked up part of a hog panel with those big staples you hammer in. Originally we had a wooden top. However, we had that ridiculous situation with Debbie so we will be making changes.

More on goats coming soon!


basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

I haven't been on line much lately - and you've been busy posting! Thank you for posting this!!! This is great - and it's what I'm going to do for sure. I only have one concern..... my goats were not debudded, so they will have horns. Can they get their heads through the openings in those panels?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Ahh.. goaties with horns. You'll have to watch yours to see what works best. You'll probably want to keep your goaties from putting their heads thru.

Hog panels have smaller holes on the bottom and larger ones on top. If horns are a concern look for the panels with the smaller squares the entire way. That way they can pull thru, and not get their heads in.

Our goat got stuck when she put her head thru, then the top fell ON her...which trapped her. Crazy goats. Be careful also with fencing that they don't get stuck in the fence. My buddy came home to find his prize buck tangled in the fence - dead. Once again - electric is a great option to keep them off the fence entirely. Check fiascofarm.com to see what recommendations they have for goaties with horns, just to be sure.

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