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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fred is Dead.

WOW what a week - I can't believe its been so long.

So, here's what happened in bullet points:

1. Went to civilization, drank an inhuman amount of coffee, always had a French pastry in my hand.
2. Decided civilization wasn't too bad - until I realized I was paying $13 for a cup of coffee and a roll. So I silently calculated the cost of goods to make it myself. Decided it was a huge waste of money. Then got another coffee anyway. Don't get me started on the $17 plate of eggs.
3. So I came home to about 97 inches of The White Death from The Big Snow. This was vexing. I was very vexed.
4. Spent the next day supplying the homestead for Snow-pocalypse 2010.
5. It came. The White Death was relentless... so was the virus I got from being in civilization. Or maybe I just had food poisoning from getting fast food for the first time in 6 months... which was the last time I had food poisoning.
6. Spent the next several days holding down the couch.
7. Woke up today out of the fever to realize hey... the olympics started! So, after watching the opening videos on the wonders of Canada, I want to move there and become newfoundlandfarmgirl

But The Big Man did a great job of managing everyone while I was gone and while I was too sick to help. The good news is that the goat did NOT have her goat baby while I was gone.

The bad news is.... Fred the Rooster died.

How sad is that? Actually I'm so mad that he left me I can barely talk about it. He never really recovered from his injuries from the brawl... altho we thought he was on the mend. We put him to bed the other nite with a snugly hen and the next morning we found his sad remains.

The worst part is with this stupid snow we cant even give him a decent burial...or to best suit him... we cant even give him the big funeral pyre to send him off to Valhalla. He was a worthy adversary, an able foe, and he will be sorely missed. I'm still too mad to properly eulogize him..more on that later. But for now I feel like Richard without Saladin.


Chai Chai said...

I am sorry to hear about Fred, but if folks reading this blog don't get a tear in their eye's when thinking about his last days spent with Buff (emotional not physical) well, then ....

p.s. I wonder how many will get the Richard Saladin reference, this is a farm blog after all....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Chai Chai! I've been trying to contact you via your blog but for some reason its not working. Just wanted to say THANKS for the support. We homesteading girls need to stick together.

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