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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Happy Snaps

We are having our (supposedly) last hot day and its been a doozy. But I got in a few more jars of tomato sauce and some salsa before we closed up the house and turned on the AC.

A few quick happy snaps of what's going on here....there has been a lot of cuteness:

I have a flock of geese! That's Penny in the lead.  The Meeps aren't little anymore - they are nearly full grown.

Remember little DB and Little G? Our Inside Meeps? This is DB now... he's a stunner.

Little Bianca hatched this little darling - we are calling him Happy. And he is. I'm betting he is a micro duck. He's little but fast!

Floppy, concentrating really hard on her nest while a couple of cuties pop around. She hatched 5 chicks in all. Three are this brown chipmunk stripe, one all white, and Red.  Floppy is a brown leghorn, which are normally not known for broodiness. I tried to get her out of the brooder this morning but she wasn't having any of that foolishness. She took the brood very hard and she needs to get up, move around, and get a dust bath.  The chicks are doing great tho.

And the pigz having a big time. 

Our Good Neighbors let us have several rows of spent corn. We cut the stalks down to a nub and gave the whole thing, stalk and ears, to the pigz. These two are growing really well. We are almost to the point where we will stop giving them hog feed and instead we will "finish" them on corn, milk, eggs, and fruit/veggies and whatever else we can find out of the gardens.


Chai Chai said...

Now this is a real farm, you have so much fun. I expect some day soon you will post about brewing your own beer.....

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I love all the birds, but those pigs are just too darn cute!

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