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Monday, December 5, 2011

Taking one for the team

No one on this earth loves to play fetch more than Dog#1. He's mad for the game and could play all day.

Here's mud in your eye....

Sometimes he likes to catch the ball right out of the air... and sometimes... well. It doesn't go as planned. Like this. That mud shiner must have been worth it. For sure.

The rest of the dogs don't really care for playing fetch. Kai mostly just likes the running, Dog#2 just likes to goof around, and Zander only thinks its fun to run off with the ball after Titan drops it to be thrown again. Zander's new favorite game is "keep away" and he and Kai play it all the time. Dog#1 doesn't think this is funny at all. But we can't help but laugh at Commander Zander's floppy little ears and his hobby-horse-like run, half turned around , looking over his shoulder with the ball in his mouth as if to say "you can't catch me!" But the thing is... we can catch him. We think this is pretty funny. He does not.

We are looking down the barrel of another epic rain around here. So plenty of mud to go around in the next few days. We might even break the all time record for rainiest year on record.

Stay dry everyone! And remember the key to a successful game of fetch is to bring lots of balls.

Happy Monday everyone!


Carolyn said...

We've had plenty of rain here the past two days, snow even this morning (ick!). But the moisture does make it easier to trim hooves!

Vickie said...

How can y'all have a record rain year and we have a record heat/ drought year? Not fair! haha!

This was cute about your pups - 'specially Zander - I can just see that big goofy clumsy pup running ( rather - galumph-ing) with the keep-away item!

JeffJustJeff said...

If you see me float by, toss me a rope, friend :-)


Chai Chai said...

I have to do this too. Sara is a fetching machine but little Patch thinks chase is more fun. That means,umm, two balls, umm, are always required.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey Carolyn! thanks or the reminder, i'm gonna need to get the 4H kid over here and get these ladies all trimmed up.

Vickie - its crazy weather for sure.. we'll either have the worst winter ever.. or it will snow exactly once. and yep! ha! i love "galumph-ing"! thats exactly right.

say Jeff, was that a gully washer or WHAT? sheesh!

um..er.. CC.. two balls are generally required. not always but gets the job done. now three.. thats for professionals.

Veggie PAK said...

Those are some fun dogs! I grin just thinking about what you are describing them doing. Great pets/members of the family!

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