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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canning Frenzy

This is what a canning frenzy looks like. The kitchen is utterly destroyed. Every surface looks like this.....

 Just some of the 10 gallons of tomatoes I picked yesterday. They'll finish ripening on the counter.

It was cool enough yesterday that we didn't need the air conditioning, but I think the temperature of the kitchen approached "surface of the sun" hot.

The stoves were firing on all cylinders. I love my "Ol' Bessie" stoves... 

The Bubby was completely exhausted by all the activity.

Don't even think about taking his paper towel tube while he's sleeping, sister Kai.

Nicholas was another casualty.

Nicholas takes up the entire dog bed. Lookin' large, Nicholas.

More of the same today. Canning is hell, people. Keep calm and keep canning, we'll get thru this together. Now get in there, clean that kitchen, can more stuff, and remember that our rallying cry is "More jars! We need more jars!"

Happy Saturday!


Misty Pines Homestead said...

I remember my mom and her friend canning in the kitchen and me -got stuck outside shelling beans,bushels loads BLAH! Oh but the smells,bet your kitchen smells good.

freemotion said...

Canning has not begun here yet, but soon! I'm starting to see a bit of a blush in the tomato patch! We are getting stuff dried, fermented, and frozen, though. And still making cheese, although that is starting to dwindle as the girls slack off. (Back up to four does next year, hopefully!)

Stay cool! HA!

Traci Sumner said...

Haven't started on the 'maters, yet. but I've already dug up every spare jar and sent the hubby for several cases and it'll be more when I get the 'maters ripe. You know you need more jars when you are looking through the fridge and the cupboard for what you can make that MIGHT empty another jar.

Try having a birthday party in the middle of canning...Good thing we're grilling and mostly can kick people outside, so my extra table can stay up covered with 52 quarts of dill pickles that I need to find a home for.

David said...

Just went and got more 4oz jars for habenero sambal oelek. I just can't see making it in half-pints. I've given over to using a propane outdoor burner for canning. Makes a huge difference! Love the paper towel roll!

Damummis said...

Your kitchen looks like mine with the canning paraphernalia spread all over.
Can on!!

Chai Chai said...

I want to know about storing ones boots on the shelf in the background of the first picture? Is that normal around there?

On the other shelf I see a pair of what look like oil lamps, are they? I have been wanting to get a few oil lamps myself, very handy in case of emergencies.

Ann from KY said...

just keep putting your old stove back together when it breaks. the new ones are nothing but junk junk junk. we are still up at 11:29 pm canning green beans so we are doing the rally cry too of More Jars!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi AnnNF! Yep the kitchen totally smells like love... and hey can you shell these beans for me? HA! but thats on the agenda today ;-)

We are in the thick of it for sure, Free.. wow!

Traci - you know its bad when you lay in bed and try to think of what you have in jars that you dont really like so maybe if you just emptied them.. ha! and happy birthday to whoever! :-D

Dave, thanks for the link (on fb) for the oelek! I'll put that on the agenda. I made an awesome plum sauce the other day..

Damummis - I think we are all afflicted with canning-mania. That FlyLady gal is just gonna have to take a powder until this season is over.

Dogs, Chai Chai, its because of dogs. Remember this?

ha! and yep we finally learned to keep the oil lamps where cats cant get to them. If its not one thing its another around here...

hi Ann! Yep more jars for sure. At some point I'm gonna have to give up my Old Bessie if only because she might just burn the house down - but not yet.. ha!

lorihadams said...

I finally broke down and took the plunge. I went to Homegoods and bought the biggest enamel stock pot they had because everyone around here has started stocking Halloween stuff and school supplies and I can't find canning stuff anywhere. I don't have the tray for the bottom so I use a dish towel in the bottom of the pot and it is working fine so far. I've canned pizza/pasta sauce and crushed tomatoes with the juice in between freezing some and processing everything else. I definitely want to try more stuff next year but I'm glad I took the plunge too!

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