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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turnip of Doom

This is one of the fun things about growing turnips.....

That is one big turnip. A turnip of DOOM!  Be afraid... be very afraid.

Anybody else got a big ol' turnip?

Happy Sunday!


freemotion said...

Yep, our turnips where huge this year, and we ate them all already!

Chai Chai said...

Nicholas was not happy, he was nervous in fact. One could tell by the slight unconscious twitch at the end of his tail.

The ancient hen that had made her way into The Great Hall on gnarled feet was unable to read the portents.

"That fool Shine, I told him to bring me the sacred turnip for the ritual. Shine has failed me for the last time!"

The old hen cackled a warning in a cryptic voice; "Without the turnip I can not read the signs, but last night I had an evil dream. In my dream a great warrior warned of your loss of favor with OFG. He was a valiant and honorable foe who proved to be no match for War Master Tai and the Princelings. He said 'Ware the Princess, she will be your doom!' Heed his warning Nicholas, see to your machinations! Fred, Fred, how I loved and long for thee...."

The Posse saw the old woman clear of the Keep via the secret ways, Nicholas was left to brood.

"Fred. Fred? I have heard OFG talk of him. I have never known OFG to show fear, and yet, once, long ago, she returned from battle dripping blood from an open wound. 'Spurred' she said - Was that Fred's doing?"

"This is an evil turn, I shall have to reconsider my plans. The Princess? Hmmm."

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Becky! isnt it something!?

ALL of them, Free? wow!

*... in the background the Princess Kai wiggled her woo and shook her bonbon tail in utter merriment for the huge pork bone OFG had just given her.... completely unaware of Nicholas and his nefarious plots..*

Unknown said...

I need to plant some next year. I like them sliced thin, raw, with a little salt...

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