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Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day

Here comes the cold... but first the snow. It snowed all day on Thursday - we ended up with more than the 1-3 inches they originally predicted. I hated it.

But the dogs loved it. Kai and Zander are made for snow so they never wanted to come in. I was done with the cold after a few minutes so I marched everyone inside. There were a lot of sad faces.

Everyone in the barnyard was also marched right into their coops and houses... which was easy because most everyone was already in by the time I went out for chores. To make sure they got their houses and coops warmed up I got everyone settled earlier than normal and cranked on the heat lamps.

At this writing (Thursday nite) the wind chill is -3* but it will get much worse early next week. We'll be doing storm preps all weekend trying to stay ahead of the bitter cold. They are tossing around numbers like -13* without the windchill and a high of 0*.

Saturday we are going to try and butcher the rest of the turkeys and get them in the freezer so they don't... well... freeze. I also want the turkey house space. Nibs and Darla are on one side (meat turkeys on the other) and I want to try and move all of the goats into the turkey house. I'll need both sides for that. The turkey house is a bit more protected from the wind and is easier to keep warm than the goat house. We are also going to load up on straw so we can get everyone deeply bedded down.

As for me, I'll be doing a lot of baking. It's a great way to keep the house warm and you get snacks. In fact... there is my timer. Fresh hot bread right out of the oven!

Happy Friday everyone - are you doing your storm preps for the cold weather?


katiegirl said...

Brr!! We're cold here too, and got abotu 6" of snow last night. Wind chills are almost to zero I think (I don't want to know, really) so I moved all the bunnies in the barn last night and made sure everyone had fresh bedding. The chickens stayed locked in their coop, which they're probably ticked about but oh well!

I'm at work now, but I wish I was home baking! That sounds like a much better way to spend a snow day!

Wildcard said...

Not really anything. I "make" water in the distiller because we are water snobs here. Correction, I'm a water snob. It just tastes sooooo good and our well water doesn't.

I did put the outside cat in the garage. We aren't going to keep him (though my husband named him. He's the one who also told the universe that we needed an outdoor cat, too. Two days later, viola!) I'm still hoping to find him a home. We really don't need another kitty.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Keep warm OFG, hope it warms up for you soon. We are used to the weather you are getting. We've got about 4 feet of snow and still lots more coming. Some days we get -30C in the daytime and some days it gets up to +2C in the daytime. Weird weather, normally it's very cold and sunny here in Sunny Alberta Canada.

Vera said...

Our weather is still holding reasonably mild, at around 10C. Doesn't feel like we are having a winter, feels more like a wet autumn. Enjoy your baking!

Tami said...

Storms preps in The South? Ha. They don't know the meaning of the word around here.

They are calling for single digit lows here Monday night. This is why I moved from Ohio!

Brr Freaken Brr

David said...

Plenty cold here and a blast of snow on the way. Fortunate no critters to care for.

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