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Friday, January 17, 2014

Butchering hogs

This is for my buddy who needs to get out there and butcher that hog but had some kind of excuse about why he couldn't look up the instructions. You know of whom I speak...

How to - the best step by step guide ever. (And mighty popular on the pinterest if I may say so)
WARNING: new people and folks willing to make that risky click... I am not kidding this link is to an extremely graphic how to butcher post. Blood, guts, headless hogs layin' there in the snow. Do not click it if you are going to burst into tears.

Then here is the 2011 "What really happened" post. MORE PICTURES of a glorious tale of butchering victory. Guts n everything. Don't click if you can't handle it.

2012 was just as awesome... but this time we did a late summer/early fall butchering where we learned that summer hog butchering sucks. But it works.  This was the second hog.

Remember that we butchered early in the year in 2013....we did not have summer hogs for a fall harvest. This is day one of two and this could also be my best disclaimer yet. Plus I got to use the phrase, "... the dogs and I would rush in and I would sledge that pig with the axe." Glorious. What a day! Kai was so brave - her first real hog harvest.

And just to show off... my favorite self portrait yet. Mine enemy was slain. 

There wasn't much reporting of the actual doin's for hog #4...other than that pig got out and we found him in the dog yard. Zander gave him a good woofing and peed in its general direction.

So there you have it, friend, get out there and get that hog butchered.

Happy Friday everyone!


Vera said...

We have learnt that late autumn / early winter is the best time for slaughtering. No flies, no midges, and cool weather so the job does not have to be hurried. Took us three years to learn that lesson!

Anonymous said...

Picking up our pork from CAF tonight. Cannot wait!! We were at last spring's butchering, and while I couldn't watch the pigs being killed, I was more than ready to see how these guys turned a 175 lb pig into my food. They truly are artists. Watching how fast and carefully they stripped the hide, took out entrails and the like.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Vera. We really didnt like summer butchering - but we were motivated to get it done fast.

How is the pork catijoefarm? I'm sure you are going to love it. The kill isnt too horrible. Mostly its over really fast. One minute the pig is standing there eating corn... and the next he's being handed a pair of bacon-angel-wings. But don't feel bad if it's not your thing. Glad you came by.

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