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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Affogato - OFG Style

I've been in a muddle ever since I found out my favorite local ice cream place closed again due to production problems. I see they are about to reopen their shops so hope is on the horizon. But until they are up and running I've been taking matters into my own hands. I've been making affogato.

Affogato. OFG style.

What's that? Heaven.... affogato is pure heaven. Pretty much it's just espresso poured over ice cream but something magical happens when hot, strong coffee mixes with ice cream. Of course, I have to add my own special fixin's to get it just right.

Magic is happening here. I love you coffee!

First, start with some espresso. Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. I have the stainless version. I just love it. Of course I have a friend who owns a coffee shop so the beans were a gift - a special roasting.

Bittersweet hot fudge is the foundation for this tasty treat.

Next, get your favorite cup ready. You'll need a dollop of hot fudge sauce - you make your own, right? I love this recipe.

Look how easy! And you can make just a little bit.

Now get just a little bit of whipped cream ready. No, not the fake stuff - you can make just the right amount with your milk frother. I use mine every day. It's perfect to make the foam for my coffee in the morning... and perfect when you want just a little whipped cream.  Just put a cream little in a cup and give it a whirl.

Look at this pour over....

Here is where everything comes together. Quick as you can get a scoop of ice cream into the cup - right on top of the hot fudge..then pour over the espresso. Plop on the whipped cream... and if you really really want to be fancy then shake the smallest amount of cocoa on top.


We are having another supersoaker of a day so nothing to do inside but sit around and make snacks.

Happy Saturday everyone! Are you making affogato?

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Unknown said...

I'm not a coffee fan but dark cream de cocao is amazing on top of vanilla ice cream :)

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