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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Green onions in pots? Why not!

This could be the best idea I've never had.... green onions in pots.

Green onions in pots? Why not?

Wut? Aren't I supposed to put them in the ground? Sure but why not in pots? This is the best thing going.

One of these is starting to get big... but that will be perfect to put on the grill.

It's totally not my idea at all... my farm pal, Bourbon Red, came up with this earlier in the year. We had the weirdest spring with warm then cold then warm... so it was hard to figure out when to set out the onions sets. So he put some in a pot in his greenhouse - they got started early and whenever he needed some green onions... boom! There they were.

I guess we only ever think about onions in the ground because we want them to get big and then cure for storage. But this is the best idea ever. Need just one green onion and don't want to walk all the way to the garden? Put them in pots where they are easy to reach.

My salad planter has celery, parsley, radish, lettuce...and more green onions. One stop shopping!

Have extra space in a bigger salad planter? Pop a few slips in there and then just wait for them to green up.

This has worked so well for me that I've put them everywhere.

I've never had luck with starting onions from seeds but I'm going to give it a go - just to have potted up green onions. Give it a try - it's the best thing I've done all spring.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Why not put green onions in pots?


Rebecca said...

I don't plow up my garden in the fall so things stay pretty rough-n-ready looking down there. I had lettuce that wildly seeded itself which meant I had baby lettuce in February and there were some onion left behind at harvest time that turned into funny little bunches of green onion in the early spring. Let's hear it for untidiness!

Jerelle said...

I also am an Ohioan and really enjoy your site. This spring I tried planting the bottoms of my regular size onions in pots of soil. I gradually planted them in the pot whenever I used the onions to cook with, saving about an inch of the root area of the onion and planting that. They grew into very nice green onions with basically no work - for free!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

That's terrific, Rebecca. There is a whole methodology called "do nothing" gardening that is just like that. Yay you!

Hi Jerelle and welcome! Thanks for tuning in. I've heard of that - I wondered if it would work. Have you tried it with celery?

Jerelle said...

I have not tried it with celery, but I bet it would work. What I have done with celery is at the end of the season dug up some of my plants of unharvested celery and put the rootball in a pot and kept them in an unheated room to continue to have fresh celery for a good while into winter. They don’t grow much more, but the celery stays fresh, as long as I remember to water them. Also, I can then replant the plants in the garden the following spring and get a little more fresh celery from them before they then go to seed.

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