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Monday, July 27, 2015

Corn Fritters

One of my favorite summer treats - corn fritters. They are heavenly.

Fried in lard in a cast iron pan. (Sorry #badfoodphotography)

I was thrilled when I found this recipe online several years ago. I actually used to go to that restaurant back in the day and I remembered that the corn fritters - along with the pomegranate martinis - were the best thing about it. I don't think it's there anymore.

I really love Cooking for Engineers - it's very straight to the point and his directions make sense. However, I don't think he keeps the site up anymore. One thing I don't like about some food blogs is that the writers feel the need to go on and on about a hilarious/poignant/boring story about what the recipe means to them... Look, honey, I just want the recipe and I don't need a macro photo of every ingredient.  *sigh*

Anyway, summer is back, baby and things are really heating up around here. To try and keep the house as cool as possible we've been using the grill a lot.

The latest grill cam.

I'm not sure if this is our very last ham slab...but I think it is... hum... We should do something about that.

Happy Monday everyone! What are you grilling? Do you love corn fritters? It's the one thing I could make myself sick on.


Onevikinggirl said...

A grill cam live feed sounds like a yummy idea - but you know I would prefer one with Nicholas. I suppose a still picture of him sleeping would be identical to the live feed though...

Ohiofarmgirl said...

altho, OneVG, a live cam of Nicholas in a little chef hat working the grill would be hilarious.. :-D oh hey - in one of your comment you mentioned you were growing "rocket" and i kept wondering what it was? ahhh.. ok get it... we just call it arugula (which is a very very funny word). so now i know what you mean. yay!

Onevikinggirl said...

Arugula? Perfect latin! It is Ruccola in continental Europe and Rocket for the Brits, as far as I know. Tastes yummy though, and grows well.

Unknown said...

I've tried making corn fritters but mine came out pretty greasy... YES, and how's Nicholas? Is he surviving summer? :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Nancy! the trick is to have the oil really hot so that it sizzles when you put the fritters in...and then put them on papertowels to soak up any more. and Nicholas is a pistol! he is on a reduction program so there is a lot of rage - but we are determined to get his weight down.

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