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Thursday, July 30, 2015

So we got a little rain last nite....

So we got a little rain last nite - just before we were supposed to go out and do chores.

Yep. That's a zucchini in that wheelbarrow - bobbin' like a sausage......

Bean sprout!

We needed a little rain because these little Dwarf Horticulture Beans could use a good soaking. I planted these, turnips, and beets up in the furthest grow area on the hill. The hose doesn't really reach up there.

You can always count on turnips to turn up!

Not sure who much I can get done today outside. I have a ton of weeding but I need everything to dry out. The good news is that our humidity is supposed to drop from "The Fire Swamp" to "Three Levels Before Hell." So hopefully it won't be too bad.

The ladies spent the day in the shade.

Yesterday it was so bad that the little roosters kept all the fatty meats in the shade. I swear they were herding them. I'm afraid that all of the barred rock chicks we got from the TSC are roosters. But that's OK.... as we always say, 'when you start to crow, you got to go.' So we'll have rooster day here sometime soon.

It's a big tomato.

In the meantime my march thru summer food continues..... I'm going to pick this big oxheart tomato today. It might be lunch.

Happy Thursday everyone! Did you get a little rain last nite?

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