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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day, Kai!

Actually Kai's bring home day was a few days ago... she was such a little wiggler! We can't believe she is now five years old.

My beautiful Kai. 

We got Kai because we knew our old lady Shady was at the end of her good and long life. We really needed a hunter - and boy, did we ever get a good hunter with Kai.

Where you goin', Kai? To kill stuff? Good girl!

Kai's favorite thing? Killing stuff. She could kill stuff all day and half the nite. If we need a varmint rooted up and killed - we get our Kai. She is officially off the "farm chores" duty and is entirely on killing stuff.

Recently Kai earned the name, "The Chickens Eat What She Kills" after she dug up and slayed a nest of rodents. It was glorious. Actually it was gross and I ended up with a shovel full of ick to toss to the chickens. My good girl Kai dropped them on command and we went and got a handful of dry cat food which is infinitely better than half dead rodents. "Kill them, Kai, kill them all." VengeanceBringer takes these words very very seriously.

That is not her stick. She doesn't even want it. She's just teasing Titan who doesn't think she is funny.

Kai's personality is a tough mix of stubbornness, independence, and absolute joy. She is always happy. Kai lives her life with a wolfish grin and a glint in her eye. She loves to tease her brothers. Mostly she likes to tease Titan who takes our games of fetch very seriously. Kai does not and likes to try and trip him. Every once in a while she'll fetch a ball but mostly she just loves the running when we play.

That grin. She's fixin' to kill something.

She is very very smiley - but kind of in a polar bear way. The kind of smile where you aren't sure if she is glad to see the UPS guy ... or if she is just waiting for him to get a little bit closer.

Kai is very funny and likes to joke around. We have a game called, "What if my foot was on your foot?" where I put a foot on top of her paw. Then she puts her paw on my foot. And we do this for a while and she thinks it's hilarious. 

We've had a lot of adventures with Kai but the funniest was when I found a lost helium balloon in the driveway. It was listlessly floating about 2 feet off the ground... it's smiley face just a little sad. So I did the only rational thing. I got the dogs.

They immediately charged the intruder.  All four of Dog Horde surrounded the sad little balloon and give it the what for - all dogs equidistant from each other like four points of a compass barking like mad. The poor balloon just floated there at a standstill. Until Bubby booped it with his nose. The movement made Kai pounce and she grabbed it in her jaws, popping it. Then she gave it a good shaking and spit out it's ruin upon the driveway. Zander was the one who snatched it up and ran away with it.  And yes, Kai got a handful of dry cat food for her valor.

My Fighting Uruk-Hai Princess BearKiller. The Shining Light of the Realm. VengeanceBringer. She Hunts What We Cannot See..... we are so glad we gotcha!

Happy Saturday everyone!


PJ said...

She is a beautiful dog. What a wonderful pack of guardians you have.

Vera said...

Maz is our 'killer' dog, although rarely gets the chance to actually do a kill, although came close to doing so when a feral cat got in their way the other day. Blue does the chasing and is like a greyhound when she runs, but Maz has a more powerful body so is slower but more dangerous. The cat got away, but only just!

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