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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Late Summer Check List

I'm still not giving up on Summer. But I will admit that "not summer" speeds up before it slows down. I'm still working on my priorities from earlier.

The good news is that we are making a lot of progress. The bad news is that there is always something that needs to be done.

Meat management - check!
Veggies - check and some still in progress!
Farm repairs..... pending. Rats.

The best progress we've made is on our meat management. First, we secured two rounds of meat chickens and they are growing like bad weeds. The two pens of meat chickens are a big stinky mess but those little meatballs are showing tremendous growth.

This is the most amount of meat chickens we've ever had at one time. So it seems expensive. We are going thru one bag of feed a week - and honestly we are going to need a second bag starting this week.

Next, the pigz growth has also really taken off. They are really putting on the weight. Nice and fat.

We also solved our immediate meat problem by joining that warehouse store.

I finally got my arms around the tomato problem...but I didn't can as much as I wanted to have on hand. So we will have to deal with that at some point. But we've had some nice meals with the fresh tomato sauce - and we are square on small portions for pizza sauce.

The green beans continued to vex me but I finally got a bushel of them in the canner.  The auctions are starting to wind down but I still have several more weeks to get some late-summer veggies. I'll be working fast and furious on this one.

I need to work on repairs for both the chicken house and Turkey House.

Now that I've made some good progress to my previous list -  I need to add:

Garden clean up
Greenhouse repairs and winter set up
Firewood management

One item that we are ahead of the curve is heating oil procurement. Prices are significantly lower this year so we are filling the tank as soon as possible.  You'll remember what happened when the guy showed up last year. This time we are making extra sure that we know when he is coming.

However, before I can get to any of these new items this week is a free fall. I signed up to participate in an off-farm community event so I've been unable to work on most of my goals. That's also why I haven't been around. But starting next week we are really going to be focused on these on-farm efforts.

As for fall? Harrumph. I'm still not buying it. I will continue to revel in the golden light and ignore all the leaves falling off the trees. I won't give up until I absolutely have to.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you working on your priorities?


Unknown said...

I hung in as long as I could, honest I did! As I look out my window at the fiery red and orange that is my big maple in the front yard, I have to surrender. I really hoped late summer would stay right up until Spring, just this once!
We raise our meaties 'weird' - according to several people -but I think they do better our way. I am happy to say that my biggest problem with ours lately is that, as I reach in with the scoop to fill their troughs, several are so impatient they fly up, roost on my hand and eat out of the scoop as I dump it! Yes, they still end up huge, they just seem healthier and less prone to leg problems and heart attacks along the way - yay!

Vera said...

Nothing being ticked off on our winter check list....been too busy getting the Rayburn installed, and trying not to get fazed by the amount of mess that this project is making of the house!

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