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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So close and yet so far.

Pretty much everything in the garden is dead... except for the kale. The hard freeze really froze everything so now there's nothing to do but break down the garden and eat a lot of kale.  I forgot to bring in a few things from the garden.... and they didn't make it. They were so close to being ready...and not they are too far gone. The chickens will love them.

This tomato didn't make it. I wish I would have picked these before the big freeze.

Of course, it will now be about 70* for the rest of the week so at least I've have great weather for working outside.

We have plenty of kale. All now conveniently bug free.

My primary goals for this week are to take off all the dead vegetation and start planning the beds for next year. Gardening means that you believe in the future - you are always working with the intention of improving the soil for the next season.

I don't over-think rotational planting, but I do appreciate the strategies involved. I try to do all my planning early and use my favorite resources.  The problem with doing all your planning over the winter or in early spring is that, despite all your notes and pictures, you forget what went where. So I'm getting a handle on it now.

This fall I'm also going to try and do more work to add structure to my main grow garden. I'll be working on putting in paths that make sense.... and doing everything that I can to improve the soil.

There will be a lot of lime application this fall. I also want to make sure I take up all the leaves from our maples and use them as mulch. I say this every year but this time I really mean it.

For the first time I really feel like I have a good handle on the grow gardens.  Much of my time has been trying to carve out useful sections of land, get them cleared, and ready for production. I wish I had more time and better conditions for cover crops .... but we still don't have any rain in the forecast and I think I missed my opportunity. Slowly but surely - that's kind of how things go around here.

Happy Tuesday everyone! What is your fall garden strategy? Are you getting your gardens cleaned up?


Amanda H. said...

My toddler and I went thru yesterday and pulled up all my tomato stakes (really, tobacco sticks with a side-job...) since everything died. Though that didn't stop her from sneaking a couple still-red cherry tomatoes. We don't even pull any plants up out of the ground anymore, it just gets tilled right back into the soil and anything left above the dirt becomes a salad bar for the chickens.

Vera said...

Not organising our 2016 crop list yet, but I have put in a small section of winter and early spring veg to keep us going meanwhile. Our kale is doing well, all I have to do is learn how to cook it!

Vintage Maison said...

Yes, I feel I'm now getting a handle on it all, finally. I have made a map with lots of notes and will rotate the crops as usual except for the pumpkins - I made some new raised beds for them this year and have been assured that if I re-compost, shouldn't be any problem to grow in the same spot.

PJ said...

We have not had any freezing weather yet. Still got a little more time to get the last bits of stuff out of the garden. Always seems a little sad when the season is done.

David said...

The brassicas are still going great guns as is spinach, leeks and chard. This is somewhat problematic as I am planning a complete garden redesign next week. I may just do a massive harvest, and freeze stuff. not sure yet - need a chest freezer.

Coco said...

How do you clear for new beds? Or are you one of those lucky folks with a tractor/tiller?

And how much area do you have under cultivation?


Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Amanda, yep a great strategy. but i really need to work on my soil this year so i'll be adding a ton of amendments.

Vera, i love our kale just quickly sauteed with some bacon. easy peasy!

VM, one of my projects for this fall is to organize some raised beds... we'll see how that goes.

PJ, believe me.... i am VERY sad about the end of summer.

Dave, i thought you had a big freezer???

hi Coco!
I put out as much as i can... then mow off what is left.. and then till under. i have a walk-behind-tiller. my friend in the UK/france calls it a "rotovator." i wish i had a tractor but nope. :-/
ps good to see you!

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