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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our beloved Bobbi BarnCat...

This is her smiling. Our beloved Bobbi BarnCat... the grumpiest of them all....

Doesn't her smile warm your heart?

We have loved her for her entire life and this is how she looks at me. Resting Bob face we call it. Bobbi and Shine are our barncats and while Shine, King of Barncats, is the most loving, interactive, hard working, rat killing, bunny destroying barncat of them all.... we honestly don't know what Bobbi does all day. No clue.

I'd love to put a cat-cam on her to find out but we can't even handle her. If she needs vet care we have to trap her - which results in a lot of crying and not only by Bobbi.

 Our Shine, the light our of farm.

The other day she and Shine walked very deliberately up into the Upper Garden and convened a very important meeting. When I went up there to find out what they were doing.....they both sauntered away, dubious of my reasons to be there. Bobbi gave me the above loving look. And I was grateful that I even got that much from her.

Peep, giving serious attitude for ten years.

I should point out that Bobbi and Shine are from the same litter as our Peeper.  Peep knows how to throw massive shade... and who's tortitude is legendary. Mrs. FluffyPants, their mother, came back for Bobbi and Shine... but Peep was abandoned for sure. That is how we got our Peep. We saved her from certain death. Weeks later Shine and Bob came back as healthy, spunky kittens and became barncats.

Shine loves agribon.

The first time I saw Shine he hissed at me but then he warmed up to us and became our best buddy. Bobbi, tho, has no hoots for us at all. Of course she will come when my husband calls her but mostly she gives me mean looks.

Happy Sunday everyone! Do you have barncats? Are they worth their weight in gold? Do they give you mean looks?


PJ said...

Cats all have different personalities. My Hoody once hid for three weeks when we got a new chair in the living room. He would never chase a mouse and would run like heck if he ever saw a bunny.

Cottontailfarm said...

Our two do nothing productive and could use a boot camp over at your place. I posted some pictures on my blog so you could see them in action.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

PJ your Hoody sounds like Little Mo. He just doenst have any gangster in him. none.

CTF - that it puuurrrrfect. ha! and yay! i love cow cats - your two are hilarious.

jules said...

Oh, I'd love to hear the story of how TBM found Peep 150 miles from home. (I read the link). I have 5 cats, all grown from kittens except Mommie. Mommie, Blackie, Brownie and Red, and Maurice. I love me some kitties. I love the looks of your Peep.

Charlotte Boord said...

You know, you scared me when I saw the title of this post. Most posts that begin with 'my beloved...' usually means someone has passed away. Whew! I'm so glad your kitties are all ok, and I love the photos!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Jules! yay! I love all your kitty names. and yeah i need to write that up. TL:DR spoiler: he knew that little cats can climb up IN the couch.. not under it.. IN it.. it was amazing. i was so relieved that i found her that i actually laid on the floor and cried. she is totally a daddy's girl and only kisses me when no one is looking. ha!

Charlotte! oh no! and yikes...and oops. you are just right... i should have used a different title but ya! thanks so much for coming by and sorry for the scare.
*gives hugs*

jules said...

Well, we aren't too creative. Mommie is the mother of Blackie (black tabby), Brownie (brown/orange tabby), and Red (what else, red tabby). Maurice came later by 4 years, he's a tabby with a white chin, white chest and belly. He is named after a line in a song "some people call me Maurice, (cat whistle)". (Steve Miller: The Joker) He comes to that whistle, too. Trained him to it, as part of his name. :)

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