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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The entirety of my peach harvest.

Here it is. The entirety of my peach harvest this year......


Yep. Just one lone peach. One. And the bugs got it. I had one more peach on that tree...but it fell off. So I lost half of my peach haul this year.

Remember back in the day when that poor little tree was breaking under the weight of a peach bonanza?

So what happened? Bad weather. We had that very very late frost which pretty much killed off the blossoms. Around here the only folks with peaches are the ones who lucked out... or who irrigated their orchards to hold off the frost.

It's pretty frustrating when things don't work out. But onward and upward!

The heat will start coming on today so I'm running out early to get some work done.

Happy Thursday everyone! Did you get one lone peach? A whole basket? Did you make peach pie?


Anonymous said...

Yup. There is not a peach to be seen in upstate NY. :( One of the farms we go to for "pick your own" fruit told me to buy peaches in the store because that was the only way I was going to get some this year. I refused because I can only imagine what they spray them with. Ah well, I'll just have to pick extra blueberries and cherries.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... :(


Cottontailfarm said...

I think we have about three apples total. But my dad on the other side of town has trees that are loaded down. That's a sad lonely little peach.

Vera said...

Our peaches were very disappointing as well....we did a small harvest, but the peaches wouldn't ripen properly, with parts of each peach ripening quicker than other parts of the same peach so that in the end we ended up with half rotten half ripe peaches, which were useless to do anything with. Ah well...there's always next year!

Nancy In Boise said...

We've had years like that with our apples and nectarines. Our new peach tree just gave us about 10, but we only planted 1 year ago. Sad with the weather, nothing you can do :(

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