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Thursday, July 28, 2016

We got a Big Barker!!!

I'm so excited! We got a Big Barker!!! And I'm not talking about Bubby's big boy bark..... We finally got off our wallets and got the super fancy, super luxurious, very expensive orthopedic dog bed from Big Barker. 

It's here!

My Most Excellent Good Dog has been showing his age lately and we decided he needed a really, really good dog bed. Normally we just buy whatever is big enough at Costco and call it good. But we wanted something better for Titan. I asked around and my big dog friends recommended the Big Barker. So I went and checked out.

When I first saw the price I sucked in a sharp breath and thought... nope. There is no way. But then I did a little digging and I was sold. The Big Barker beds are made for big dogs...not just any dog. Big ones. Big, heavy, hard working dogs like my crew. They even make one especially for Great Danes. Sorry, little dog people, these bed are not for you.

If you have big dogs then you know they are really just cats in wolf suits. My Dog Horde can easily sleep 18 hours a day... or more. So when they aren't out on patrols, warding off the terrors that stalk the nite, or helping me with the farm.... the dogs are sleeping. And they are getting older so we need to have good beds for them. The Big Barker beds were just the ticket for lots of reasons.

First, I love that this is made by a real company and real people and not just some big box store. They actually seem to care about their customers. I was wow'd by how much information they provided in the box. They also have a rare five star rating on Amazon! I honestly don't know another product that gets this good of reviews from its customers.

But what I really liked is that there is a 10 year warranty on their beds.... and it's American made. Crappy third world foam? Nope. These beds are made right here in the USA. It might not seem like a lot but I know folks who could use a good job. So even tho I don't know these people personally... I like how they run their business and that they care about more things than just their bottom line.

And finally... you just know that I loved that I could order this from Amazon! Free two day shipping with my Prime, baby, YEAH! So I ordered this one. I didn't entirely think that my crew needed, or would use, the roundy pillow end of the fancy model. So I got the sleek edition in khaki as it would show the least amount to dog hair.

There was a lot of excitement. The other box is a different order... my new shoes!

Two days later, right on time, the UPS guy showed up. Me and the dogs were out there to greet him with the Bacon Wagon of Doom because I wasn't sure how big the box would be. Turns out they already solved that problem. The beds come vacuum sealed and shrunk down for easy handling! But I was still glad to have my trolley because it was still a little hard to wrangle. I yelled to the delivery guy to just drop the boxes where he was and back away from the fence slowly. He did. When he was safely out of the drive I went and got the boxes.

There was a lot of excitement. And smiles.

We all rushed inside and opened the box. As I mentioned, there was a lot of information included in the box. I also had received an email from the company so I knew what to expect. Much to the barking delights my of Dog Horde...and a lot of over interested cats.... we ripped open the plastic and the bed sprung to life!  Well, it slowly opened but Kai gave it suspicious looks and some woofs.

Once the box...I mean.. the cat trap...  was deployed we immediately caught Pepper.  

Our Pepper is a normal sized cat. You can see that the box wasn't too big and it held the entire bed! The cover, also in the box, is super easy to put on the bed.

That smile says it all!

They recommend that you wait 24 hours to let the bed fully fluff up. So I did but not before Ti jumped right on his new bed. He was thrilled.

The past week or so has been about everyone getting used to The New Thing. Mostly they have been excited that I have been laying on the bed so that automatically makes it The Best Spot. Everyone wants the best spot but in our dog pack Ti usually claims the best spot. We have been laying on it together.

I have to tell you... that bed is super comfortable. I'm not a person who lays on the floor...but I really like snuggling with my big dogs on the Big Barker. It's like a real person bed. Only better because it's easy to move around and you can take the cover off and throw it in the washer.....say if one of your cats immediately pukes all over the most expensive purchase you've made in months.

This is over 240lbs of dog. They fit just fine and this isn't even the biggest bed the company makes!

We got the Extra Large bed which comfortably fits two 100+ pound German Shepherds, or just Zander,....or me and Zander snuggling together without a lot of wiggle room.  Technically if I curled up a little I'd fit on it just fine to sleep on it all nite. Don't ask me how I know this....

For his part, Ti is spending more and more time on it. There is a full time musical bed game of who lays on it.  Kai is the only one who doesn't want anything to do with it. She doesn't like new things.

Lucky can't get all the way up on it because it's so tall.. but he makes this face when he lays on it....

Peaceful cats sleeping with sad dog nearby....

... I should say 'when he gets the chance.' Because you just know who lays on it the most, right?

That shadow is the ears of a dog not laying on the bed due to cats.

It took a while for us to noodle around to convince ourselves to actually pay all that money... but we are really glad we did.  We'll be saving up our change so we can get more of these beds.  I want to give a special 'thank you' to Logan's mom and also Frank's mom for their recommendation. We are THRILLED with our Big Barker and can't wait to order more!

Happy Thursday everyone! Do you have a big barker? Do you need one of these beds!?!

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Unknown said...

So many happy dog faces! I love it!

PJ said...

How did they get such a big bed into that small box?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Yay, Liz! arent they fun? so many smiles.

isnt that funny, PJ? they just vacuum seal it. like when they suck the air out of packages. it's all squished in but when you unwrap it from the plastic it totally expands!

Vera said...

Everyone happy at your place then! And you have reminded me that I need to get our dog beds sorted out for next winter....

Eric @ Big BArker said...

I'm really glad everyone liked their new bed! Your dogs are beautiful! This is a really well written review, I was thrilled to see it when I woke up this morning :)


Eric (from Big Barker)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thank YOU, Eric! Love your products - we are completely sold on them. Yay!

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