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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bitty Finds Her Place in the Good Land. Part Two.

Did you look in Commander Zander's quarters?” OFG asked as she was standing, leaning over her desk.

Yes, of course, Sir.” Said Little Mo.

Did you look under his bed?” She asked more fervently.

Yes, of course, Sir.”

OFG harrumphed and began pacing. “For heaven's sakes, how hard could it be to find her! Have you gotten an update from the scouts?”

Not since the last time you asked... which was exactly five minutes ago.” Little Mo looked at her, unblinking. He was seated at his stool just in front of his liege's desk. He was reviewing reports and getting his lists ready for the next day... and trying not to be frustrated by OFG's frustration.

Just then Kai burst into the room, OFG's Inner Chamber. “So, what's this now? She is missing again?” Kai had a bit of cheeky tone and was smiling much too widely to be actually concerned. “Did you check Zander's quarters?”

Yes.” Said OFG and Little Mo together. OFG harrumphed again and started pacing. Again.

She'll be back. Bitty is probably just playing with her potato somewhere. She always comes back.” Kai threw herself down in one of the chairs and picked up a mug of strong broth. She gulped it down, wiped off her mouth, and said, “She always comes back.”

Another report was handed to Little Mo and then the page hurried out of the room.

Nothing yet, Sir.”

The small room had more people in it than normal... OFG, the Princess Kai, Little Mo, some pages, runners, some of OFG's personal guard.... and then Col Ti stalked in. He looked annoyed and shot OFG a glance. She looked surprised, smiled, and then said, “Really? When?”

The corners around Col Ti's mouth tightened and OFG laughed.

So soon?” She asked out loud. Col Ti, shot her another angry look, then stalked to take up his position near her. He always watched over OFG regardless of who was actually on guard. He stood silently. Watching.

The secret language between OFG and Col Ti had vexed Little Mo since the first day of his duties at OFG's side. How on earth did she expect him to know what was going on if the ruler of the Good Land and her First In Command spoke is silence and glances? Only heaven knew what this surprise was going to be. Little Mo stared hard to Col Ti. Nothing. No discernible means of communication whatsoever.

Kai, sweetheart, I have a surprise for you.”

Kai brightened and turned toward her mother, “What?”

You'll see... soon.” OFG said still smiling.

The door to OFG's sleeping quarters which adjoined her Inner Chamber, creaked open slowly and a very groggy Bitty stumbled out rubbing her wide eyes and shuffling her little feet.

What's going on?” She asked with a big stretch.

All eyes turned to Bitty in shock...and then an eruption of questions and scoldings. Kai started laughing.

Bitty! Where have you been? I have riders out looking for you!” OFG was mad. But not too mad, Bitty was kind of cute ...shuffling along in her stretch.... she was a funny little thing. But naughty for hiding again.

Kai raised her eyebrows and muttered, “I told you.....” Kai casually threw one leg over the arm of her chair and started swinging it in mock annoyance.

For heaven's sakes! Call back the riders, Little Mo, and tell the men to stand down.” Ordered OFG.

Bitty! Have you been sleeping under my bed? Do you have one of your little piles of hidden food there? Is that why I have been dreaming of chicken?” OFG scolded. Now she was mad. They had yet to break Bitty of her bad habit of hiding food away. And hiding. “What have I told you about.....”

OFG turned her attention... A big man walked thru the door.

Father!” Cried Kai and she raced across the room and threw herself into his arms. OFG smiled as she watched her Princess daughter, one of the most deadly fighters in the Lands hop around and squeal in excitement at seeing her father. Kai was chattering to him, and hugging him, and giving kisses on his cheek.

It was clear he had been traveling a great distance. Little Mo hurried toward the man to take his pack, to ask if he needed anything? Little Mo shoo'd away a page to bring strong ale and a platter of food. Satisfied Little Mo returned to his place to record the return of the big man. He took out a scroll and pen. The room was swirling with excitement. In the midst of it Little Mo caught sight of Bitty.

Bitty was standing alone, unnoticed, her wide eyes were huge and her face in shock. She was mouthing something but no words came out. Tears brimmed in her eyes... “Pa...... Pa....” Little Mo could hear the faint words and his jaw dropped in amazement.

Papa....” Bitty said in barely a whisper.... “Papa...”

Little Mo dropped his pen and scrolls. Eyes turned to see what he was looking at.... conversation stopped.

The smallest voice was finally heard by all, “Papa?” Bitty reached her arms toward the big man like a child.

Kai turned to see what everyone was looking at and heard Bitty call the man, “Papa.”

No!” Snarled Kai, “This is not your father! This is my father! He is MY father!”

The big man was transfixed by Bitty standing there, her arms toward him, big tears rolling down her face. He shrugged off his cloak and started to walk past Kai...

NO!” Screamed Kai savagely and she rounded as if she was protecting her father. “No! This is my father! Stay away from him! Bitty, you minx! Liar! This is my father! I should kill you for your lies!”

But the big man kept walking toward Bitty.

The shock in the room that was a stunned silence now turned to alarm. What if Kai killed Bitty in a rage? Col Ti was the first to spring to action. He hurried across the room and caught Kai in his arms, held her tight to his chest, and hustled her out the door.

Lock the door behind me!” Col Ti ordered one of the men at arms. Others had joined Col Ti in trying to subdue the Princess Kai but she was as an enraged wild animal screaming in fury and threatening death.

The door slammed shut.


Papa.” Bitty was crying. The big man was standing over her now and looking down at her with gentle eyes. He reached down and picked her up and laid her on his shoulder. “Papa..... I.... I thought you were a dream.”

Bitty heaved big sobs, exhausting herself with emotion. The big man came back. Her Papa finally came back. After all these years, all this time, she thought she made up the memory of a big man leaving her there in the middens so long ago. The last thing he said was that she would be safe there and that he would come back. She stopped believing it a long time ago. 

And now she was here in her new life, surrounded by friends who loved her...and her own Papa had come back for her. Here in the Good Land. She had everything she ever wanted. 

The big man put an enormous hand on her head to comfort Bitty. “Child.” He said, claiming her as his own.

Bitty hung on his shoulder like a small doll, sobbing softly, and saying over and over... “Papa... Papa...”

Little Mo realized his mouth was still hanging open. He was trying to piece it together but...but.. the line of succession! It had to hold. Zander was the chosen one. He was the appointed one who would rule the Good Land next.. unless this was some kind of power grab? But why? Who would try and overthrow OFG?

His liege. Little Mo blanched and then swallowed hard. That man, that big man was her mate but OFG was not Bitty's mother. That man then... he..... Then it occurred to Little Mo that in all the time Bitty was here... the big man had not been around. This was the first time he saw them together in the same room. And now he was Bitty's father? It was all too much.

Oh no.” Thought Little Mo.

How is OFG going to react? Would she strike at that man? Cast him out? Try and kill him for this obvious betrayal? Or would he try and take the throne for himself? Would that big man try and establish a new line with Bitty as the next ruler? Would....

Little Mo glanced around nervously. Col Ti had left the room. What if the big man tried to kill OFG? What if there was blood to be spilled? She was unprotected.

Little Mo put his hand on his dagger and resolved to himself, “Then I will fight for her. I will fight for my liege and I will die for her.” He nodded to himself.

Little Mo never liked the big man. He was too tall, too dark, and too brooding. In truth Little Mo was afraid of the big man. But if that man were to try and kill his liege then Little Mo would find the courage and he would fight and die for her. He held his breath and waited to see what was going to happen next.

So,” Said OFG quietly. She started to cross the room toward them. Her boots on the hard stone floor was the only sound. The big man was still holding Bitty on his shoulder, patting her gently.

Your own child, right here, right under my nose this whole time?” OFG chuckled.... “I should have known. I just knew there was something about her. She is a pip that is for sure. I should have known...”

OFG had reached the big man and he had stretched out his arm and pulled her close. The three of them stood together. OFG put her head on his chest and a hand on Bitty lovingly.

This little Bitty. I should have known.....” Said OFG chuckling to herself.

Nothing else in life could have shocked Little Mo any more than this turn of events. He stood agog, his hand still on his dagger watching the scene with absolute shock. His mouth was still open. His liege was not going to kill the big man. There would be no death. He shook his head a little trying to make sense of all of it.

There was a ruckus in the hallway and a loud and familiar voice was yelling, “Kai! Kai! What are you doing? No - settle down. What is going on? Ouch! Kai! What is the matter with you? What do you mean you are leaving!?!”

Commander Zander ordered the men guarding the room aside, “Open this door right now or I shall kick it down and the rest of you with it!” The door was unbolted hurriedly and Zander angrily slammed the door open, came into the room, and stopped short.

His mother, the big man, and Bitty were all standing in the middle of the room. Hugging. Bitty was crying.

Bitty? Mother? What on earth is going on?”

Editor's note: You can read more about how Bitty finds her place in the Good Land in Part One here....and the rest of our Adventure Tails here.

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