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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fall Planting

One thing that has always befuddled me about this part of the country is that folks only really plant once during the growing season. Me? I'm doing fall planting.

Me and kale.... note my sophisticated chicken keeper-outter.... old fence FTW!

I planted two kinds of beets, some beans, and kale in the upper garden. I need to find my turnips so I can get those going.

Might as well plant some beans.

The turnips did really really well all last fall and into the winter. I was able to have roasted turnips into January... and they help improve my bad soil. I'm also going to get some cover crops going now and not wait until November like last year.

This guy helped me by providing management and oversight. 

I might try and get some last minute potatoes into the ground just to see what happens. Cant hurt, right?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you fall planting?


Nancy In Boise said...

We seem to go from hot summer to winter here. Sadly we don't do fall planting since it's 90's/100's here typically this time of year. We're getting into harvesting right now with veggies, apples and pears are coming on too. Have fun!

Vera said...

They don't do fall planting here in France either, apart from the usual farm crops out on in the fields. I did plant some onions and beans at the start of last winter, and they did start growing but then I forgot about them and they got over run in the Spring. But I do think it is a good idea to get crops in for winter. I am not sure if we are organised enough to do that for this winter, but we shall definitely be doing that eventually. Blue Lake bush beans.......we grew them here this year and had a stupendous crop of beans..... filled twenty canning jars!

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