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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Two-fer on butchering day!

Yesterday we butchered some of our meat chickens. Yep, the ones from this spring. Why so late?

Meats on the move. Here they are in their new "pasture" - it's the fenced in space between gardens.

Why not? The second group of meats grew really really slowly so we just put them out on pasture, fed them corn, and have had fresh meat all summer. None of it has even made it to the freezer. Is this the "best" way to raise meats? I dunno... for us it works. We don't think it's overly expensive and frankly I love it when the fatties get this fat.

One of the reasons I love a big fatty hen is that yesterday, I got a nice big bowl full of that golden goodness - chicken fat. Chicken fat is my favorite cooking fat - rich, delicious, and it can take a pretty high heat. Chicken fat makes everything better.

This egg was in the shoot.

What a surprise, tho, when I also got a "two-fer!" Ha! How hilarious is this - one of the fatty hens was mature enough to lay eggs. We've seen this before when the creepy meats hang around too long. We've never been able to get any of the eggs  to successfully hatch - but getting eggs and meat in one package is a pretty good deal.

That fatty hen will give us breakfast, dinner, broth, and schmaltz. What's not to love?

Happy Sunday everyone! How are your creepy meats?

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