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Monday, August 24, 2015

You cant beat beets.

You just cant.
Beets are best. 

Got these little beauties at one of the auctions. If you are out there and want to make a million bucks - start growing beets. I have no idea why beets are so expensive. I honestly thought I was the only one who liked them. But they are going for $9 - $12 a bushel basket. I thought I was lucky to get these for $6 and it's a half a peck.

Why didn't I grow my own? They wouldn't grow! For heavens sakes, I started seeds four different times. Beet failure is one of the reasons I'm so glad for our local produce stands and auctions.

Happy Monday everyone! Get out there and harvest your beets!


Vera said...

Sometimes our beets grow, sometimes they don't. This year they did, but no time to do anything with them other than dehydrate them and sort out what to do with them over the winter!

Unknown said...

Did you soak the beet seeds before planting? Beet and chard strike better when they are soaked.... Bushel, peck! What are these strange terms? Life is so simpler here in the land of SI units :) Enjoy your beets (make some beet kvass, even the name is fun!)

PJ said...

Got a few beets this year. Trying to grow some fall beets. Don't know what will happen. I never tried fall gardening before.

David said...

got a few - not too many - love them!

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