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Saturday, January 22, 2011

$58 worth of fun! Do you restaurant supply shop?

Last week we had the time to run right into civilization and go to one of my favorite places.... the restaurant supply store.

All this for $58! Nicholas not included. And yes, that is a cat on my counter.

Does everyone know that you, as the general public, can shop at most of these places? Here in our state we can drive on over to Wasserstroms. Its amazing. There are incredible bargains and fabulous heavy duty, industrial quality kitchen tools. Its my kind of heaven. And while you might not see the fancy consumer brands, oh golly you can't go wrong with a pan that just won't quit.

Just search online for "restaurant supply" in your town.  Even better than the normal stores.. sometimes you can find used restaurant equipment places where you can get tools, tableware, stem and barware, and even equipment for next to nothing.  Well, the walk in freezer will cost you a pretty penny but wouldn't everyone love one of those? I sure would! If you can't find somewhere local, Wasserstroms has an online shop here.

This is what I came home with:

* a heavy duty baking sheet
* another pizza sheet (used for bread baking the other night)
* a 2 gallon food quality plastic bucket
* a ladle (6 oz)
* a pair of tongs the perfect size for my small hands

And the best find.... a 4 quart HEAVY stainless steel sauce pan.. for $32

You heard me....$32 bucks! Its the sauce pan of my dreams.....

All of the commercial/industrial stuff I've ever gotten has been really fabulous and waaaay cheaper than the consumer name brands. For instance, I think the baking sheet was about $8. You can get a 'regular' one in the store for under that.. but mine holds 4 dressed chickens without getting all wobbly and bendy.

Having heavy duty kitchen tools really suits our needs especially since we dress our own poultry and meat. We need tools that can take a lot of use - much more than the casual cook-at-home consumer.

A lot of the restaurant supply places are open to the public and as long as you dont mind a big warehouse to shop in... its a great way to stock up.

The next time I go I'm gonna get a huge stainless stock pot for about $100.

Happy bargain hunting everyone! Now run right out to the restaurant supply place...and prepare to have your mind boggled.


Robin said...

We just love shopping at the restaurant supply stores. As you said, they have great products and great prices!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Robin! Yep...all the better to cook up all that lovely produce you grow! btw, Cherokee purples are my fav also

David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

I agree! We have aplace in the western burbs of Chicago - Schweppe's. Love it there. Those half sheet pans are indespensible!. Also have picked up refurbished Kitchenaid stand mixer for less than half the cost of new. BTW, small pizza boxes folded inside out make great pie boxes at the holidays.

Sara said...

Definitely keeping this in mind. I really need a large stainless steel pot for my yarn dyeing. :) You got some great stuff at a great price!

Mr. H. said...

Excuse me while I drool over your new stainless steel pot.........................OK, I'm done. I have honestly never thought to go to a restaurant supply store...hmm. Have fun cooking with those fancy new gadgets of yours...very nice:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi David! Good to see you... and you are reminding me that prosciutto/caramelized onion pizza would be a great lunch.. You'll have to do a post some time on the chef secrets we should all know.

Has everyone seen David' site here?:

Hi Sara! They have HUGE pots.. wow, great for everything. Perfect for cheesemaking - or yarn dyeing.

City Sister said...

what a wonderful price. 4 chickens and no wobble is quite a feat!

City Sister said...

what a wonderful price. 4 chickens and no wobble is quite a feat!

City Sister said...

Thanks for coming and visiting with us...I like Liberty mart here in Pittsburgh or restaurant supply. They are very dangerous as I become a kid in a candy shop.

Veggie PAK said...

Commercial quality is so much better than big box store quality! I have an 18 quart stainless steel stock pot that my brother in law gave me. It didn't have a lid, so I went to the restaurant supply store and bought one for $24. It sure was worth it. You don't realize what you can do with a pot that large until you have one. They're great!

I also bought a large ladle, 8 oz. I believe. A great help when canning and filling the jars!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Mr H! Honestly I wouldn't have come up with it either..but I'm glad I found out what a great value they are.

I'm like that too, City Sis, "I want one of these, and one of those, and a couple of these..."

hi VPak! yep! there is nothing like a big ol' pot to make your heart go pitter pat.

daisy g said...

Oooooh, I wish I had read this before I bought my cookware set. I still could use some baking items though. Thanks for the info!

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