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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look what's blooming and Farm Notes

At this writing (late Monday nite) we are having a tremendous thunderstorm - the second line today. Its been wild.

 Late afternoon backlighting a bloom.

Earlier today we had a heat index of about 100* - then the temperature dropped almost 30* after the first wave of storms...and now the lightening is fantastical. Wow what a day!

We had some incredible progress today - despite the heat, electric flickering off, and the storms. This morning I got some weeding and planting done, we "dressed" some of our Meat Balls (the meat chickens - they were huge!), and then tilled up the old pig area and got it planted. The pigz did a great job rootin' -n- poopin' in their old yard and the soil was fantastic. We started some corn (yes its too late but its feed corn for the pigz so its ok), some clover, and some pasture mix. Next year that planting spot is going to be fabulous!

Check out the crazy moth on the back of this bloom! 

I kind of realized that this summer with its late gardening start is kind of a washout. We've got some tomatoes going like gangbusters and we even have some peppers - but I think I need to focus on a fall garden to salvage what could be a disappointing garden season. I'll have some greens coming on soon and I still can't believe that my lettuce is doing so well - provided I can keep the geese out of it. And oh golly there will be beans galore. I'm hoping for a harvest and canning in the next couple days.

That's the quick update. Hope that everyone has a terrific Tuesday and thanks to everyone who helped me ID the teasel from yesterday!


David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

It has been a crazy summer, glad it broke for you, still warm here today, shoudl break tonight then 76 tomorrow! The good news is the tomatoes and peppers all love it!

Mr. H. said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad your crops are managing the weather, heard on the news that more heat is headed your way...stay cool.

Beth of the Rocks said...

I live in northeastern Indiana - those storms came through here first, but I think they strengthened by the time they got to you.

Man they were FAST moving, weren't they?!!?!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

The flowers are beautiful, and yes!, canning time for you is a coming.I will probably be frying up my tomato's :o) I still have plenty jars from last year.

IanH said...

That is a Hummimg bird moth!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Dave! Yesterday was still a scorcher but today.. hopefully the humidity will clear.

Thanks Mr. H! I didn't get my bean harvest done yesterday - but I did get my fall seeds.

Beth - those storms were crazy. The 2nd wave came up all of a sudden. Yikes!

Ginny, you are my canning hero. This year I'm taking a lesson from you and canning greens. I missed them so much over the winter!

Ian - thanks so much! I thought it was a hummingbird at first. Its the craziest bug I've seen in a while.

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