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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh glory!

Oh Happy Day! Oh Glory! Thank Heaven!

First tomatoes are in - at last! These are "Mountain Gold" one of my absolute fav's... now I need an egg and a frying pan quick! I've been waiting months for a fried egg and tomato sandwich. 

Looks like the "heat dome" has swallowed us up - gonna be another hot one today. Yesterday Mr. H asked how to keep poultry cool in such evil heat. I'll work on a more detailed post but in short - give them the tools they need, then leave them alone. Animals are pretty resilient. In fact some of my hens were all sprawled out soaking up all the sun they could yesterday. Crazy birds.

Make sure your birds have shade, water, and get them out EARLY. Our birds free range so they need ample time in the morning to get out there and chicken around. So we get everyone out there and moving early.

I make the rounds every hour or so in extreme heat (like now) and make sure the buckets are topped off with cool water. Sometimes I spray down a section of the grass to make a cool spot. And you just know I'm out there hosing off the pigs and making sure their wallow is full of water.

That's the short version so more tomorrow. And don't forget to keep yourself hydrated and come inside when even the dogs abandon you.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay cool!


Robin said...

I hope that you enjoy your first fried egg and tomato sandwich. Did you have a side of cake with it?

Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be the worst days here.

Stay cool!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I just love that photo. I can practically hear the angels singing.

Candice said...

JEALOUS! Our tomatoes are still very, very green. It probably doesn't help that I totally forgot to stake/trellis them this year so they're just sprawled out all over the place. *facepalm* I have cucumbers coming out of my ears, though! Wanna trade? ;)

Kathy said...

Our slicing maters have not done well this yr., but our "Sweet 100's" cherry maters have gone CRAZY! The plants are over 6 ft. tall and LOADED. I'm looking for ways to serve them, besides into my mouth straight off the vine!
Hope you enjoyed that fried egg and mater samich!

Mr. H. said...

Nice tomatoes...good job. I look forward to hearing more about how you tend the animals in that nasty hot weather of yours.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

While ;your looking out for the animals , keep watch on yourself..I like those tomatoes...trade you some seeds.

AL said...

I use a lid off of a big tote bin to make a "wading pool" for the chickens. They love it!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Ha! Robin - I had a donut with it!

Kristin - I heard the angels too... I can't wait for tomato overload.

Candice - Oh no! Well you can still stake them maters up. And I have exactly one cucumber.

Kathy - I LOVE Sweet 100's! My fav cherry tomato for sure.

Thanks Mr. H - we're hanging in there.

Sure, Ginny, send me an email at ohiofarmg AT gmail. com (no spaces) and I'd be happy to mail some to you.

Hey AL! great idea. I think my hens would love a Olympic sized pool.

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