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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surprise! or "Its so hot the eggs hatch themselves! "

Here's a shocker for you.... this morning I went out (early) and found this little gal running around in circles. In the middle of the hen house. Alone.

"You lookin' at ME?"

Um... say,  Baby where'd you come from? She eventually turned and ran right back under Jane, my crazy Salmon Favorelle... who wasn't due to hatch for another week or so.

This made my pal WZ comment, "As hot as it's been, I don't think the eggs would even need a hen to sit on them!!! Just leave it out and POP! There's a chick!" 

So I dunno - maybe that's what happened! Hee hee hee

Actually I think Jane sat on an egg that had been brooded under Miss Duck for a couple days. Or tomorrow I'll go out and there will be a buncha babies under her and I'll give up on trying to keep track of anything.

You can just barely see the tuffs.

I just couldn't keep my hands off this baby - she's just a peach. And when she got a little more dried off you can tell she's going to have the little tuffs around her face.

Because of the crippling heat and humidity today (oh look..heat index = 102*) we put The Dozen outside in the former duck yard. We also put Charlie and her chicks - sadly one of the 4 didn't make it - out in the same yard. The 3 itty bitty babies and Charlie have been popping around in the shade enjoying the breeze. The Dozen are stunned that The Whole Wide World is so big.

I had to come in a 1pm - just before we crested 100*. But I've been making the rounds every hour or so to fill the waterers and hose everyone off.

Hope everyone is staying cool!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

She's a little cutie,and just what I would want to be mine :o)...(let it go ginny , let it go, no I'm not letting it go)

Carolyn said...

Ya know, I was just thinking that same thing....if we had temps in the upper 90's and 100 degrees, and for twenty-one days straight....maybe we COULD just have chicks pop right out of the eggs. Wouldn't that be nice?

The chicks.

Not the temps (sweaty, ick!)

Robin said...

What a little cutie pie! Boy, I wish you would make the rounds around here every hour and hose me off!

Mr. H. said...

Sure hope you are OK with water and shade and all of that for the animals...hang in there.

Mary said...

We had a peep pop today too. Hey, how are youe keeping your animals cool the next few days in this awful heat?

Heiko said...

What a cutie! Why didn't our cat hatch something like this. Much more useful than more kittens.

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