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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salsa Day

Yesterday was Salsa Day! Wow what a day! Actually it was an epic canning day all around. My kitchen looks like the Ball Canning Book puked all over it.

Saturday I was thrilled when the FedX guy showed up with my new canner! Actually its my second canner... I got tired of all that senseless waiting around for my current pressure canner to cool.  Especially if I had just a few more jars to process. And while small batches were an easy way to go - might as well get double for your trouble, right?

I ordered another 23 quart Presto from Amazon. The shipping was FREE (2nd day!!!) so I had no trouble paying the $85. Our pal VPak is a fan of the Mirro canner - and I really considered moving from a dial to a "jiggler"... but I figured that I was already watching one dial anyway. I'm keeping my eye out for a used Mirro tho... just in case.

Since my stupid peppers didn't fruit thanks to a late start and some 100* days... I ran right over to a Upick place. Its a long drive from us but I was headed in that direction anyway. My 3/4 bushel of assorted peppers cost about $22. I was a little irritated at having to buy produce... but on Sunday one of the old timers at our little church gave us about a half a bushel of tomatoes - just for the picking!

I turned out to be the perfect amount that we needed. We are waiting for the next wave of maters to ripen so this was a blessing indeed! So our total cost for all these jars of salsa is less than $1/each! Its a great deal especially if you consider that I might be allergic to something in commercially prepared salsa. And knowing that you are buying local, using extra so it won't go to waste , and making it yourself is priceless.

Last nite for supper, while all the pots were boiling, I poured some of the fresh hot salsa over our goat cheese for a quick supper/snack... it was amazing!  Yesterday was a lot of time standing on my feet but wow the results were worth it.

Is everyone getting the last of the produce in? Some of my pals in other parts of the country are reporting their first frosts... we have another couple weeks yet.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Now what are you waiting for? Run right out and get a second canner! Or a first one - if you get the Mirro let me know who you love it.
UPDATE:  Our pal Sherry let me know that you can get one of those "jigglers" (a weight) for the Presto dial style canner! What a great idea - I think I'm gonna give it a whirl. She said to check it out here on amazon.com. THANKS Sherry!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Canning is a lot of hard work, but it's also a lot of good eating :o)...I like your spirit, not wasting time or doing without because your veggie didn't perform..Your a high spirited one :o)...an inspiration indeed...

Autumn said...

My Nana has five different water bath canners that my Great Grandmother kept when she was canning... so two doesn't sound too bad! Do you make hot salsa or mild salsa? The time my Mom and I made some, it turned out really hot and watery.

Samantha said...

I picked some of the last peppers this morning, and now we're just waiting on the last carrot crop and green beans (still!).

The salsa on goat cheese sounds fantastic!!

Chai Chai said...

A little bit of Mexico to tide you over during the Winter months....ay carumba!

Bobbie said...

Hi! I'm new to post on your blog, but enjoy your blog everyday. Today I finished up the green beans. Ended up with 50 quarts! Oh my aching back. Did 25 quarts yesterday and the rest today.

Your salsa looks yummy. Our tomatoes are ripening fast, so I imagine I'll be fast at it soon.

I have a room that is filled with pears waiting to ripen. I had to buy these and think I went a tiny bit overboard...but they sure will taste sweet come this winter. I've already canned 160 pounds of peaches.

Thanks for the great blog. You make me laugh on a regular basis.

Bobbie :)

Sherry said...

That looks so beautiful. Great job. Just found your blog by following the link on another forum. Have you considered getting the weight for your Presto Canner? I got it and it makes me more confident in my dial regulator.

Mr. H. said...

Oh yeah, let's salsa! Life without homemade salsa just wouldn't be the same. Glad you were able to procure the ingredients. Loved your dahlia pictures.:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Ginny, I just love your encouragement. It really makes me feel like I'm doing right.

Autumn- FIVE!?! Ok I need to work a little harder. I tried to get as much juice as i could out of the maters as I was cutting them up.

Samantha - great work! We're hoping to get at least one more round of maters in.

CC- you said it baby! Margaritas and salsa for all my friends!

Hi Bobbie! Thanks for reading - and wow! 50 quarts!?!? Ok that is an inspiration. Great work! Our pears are just about ready...

Thanks Sherry - someone else told me the same thing, I had no idea.

Mr. H - I know you have salsa on the brain now that the new season of DWTS is on. I'm opting out again.. its too much about who's the most controversial and not about the dancing.

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