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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worth repeating... and everyone needs a catalog!

I had this as a note on yesterday's post but its worth repeating, has everyone seen The Gardener of Eden's post about the historic Landreth Seed Company?  

Who doesn't need more garden porn?

I ordered a catalog and some seeds yesterday. The catalog is $5 and shipping is about $5 so might as well check out their amazing old timey seed collection and get a jump on next year's seed stash. Click here to see the news story then run right over and spend a couple dollars. 

You can also check out their Facebook page here and then read a detailed article here about how this all happened. I was really encouraged to see that they are increasing their sales, despite all this legal gobbledygook.

In this economy you have to hand it to a gal who took on the challenge of trying to resurrect the oldest seed  business in the country and who had the gumption to make a profit. I can't speak for all this hubbub but who doesn't need a beautiful catalog? Need more of a reason? Its printed here in the States. Your order will keep a few more people working.  And if you tell your friends, and they tell their friends - she might just pull this off. There's only a couple days left and if the only thing you get is a catalog and a package of seeds. Still worth a shot, right?

Now get out there, start cleaning up your garden and start planning where you're going to plant a few seeds from Landreth next year.

Happy Wednesday everyone! And THANKS to Robin at The Gardener of Eden who posted about this yesterday!  And special thanks to my pal L in AZ who already let me know that he placed his order!

And... to Mr. H who placed his order
And Kristen who placed her order - WOW have you seen her blog?!?
And Vicki - yay!
And Sonja - great work!
And Mary Ann who has beautiful pix on her blog - and thanks for reminding me about the Japanese Rednect - that gal is great!
And Little Rooster Croft! And you should check out her rant from today...

Great work everyone!


Leingang Family said...

I love their catalog! I could just page through it over and over... I have not yet ordered from them but my mom and sister both have. The baby eggplants are gorgeous! Thanks for telling us all about them! How could you not want to order from the same place that George Washington could have???

Mr. H. said...

Ok, catalogue ordered!

tqbrock11 said...

Thanks for sharing this! I just ordered a catalog and some garlic. I'll share it on my blog, too, and posted a link on FB - it's not much, but I hope it helps!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thats what I was thinking, FL! I mean how cool is that? Great news about your fam's orders.

Thanks Mr. H!

Unknown said...

Fall bulbs for planting and a few Christmas presents ordered.

Sonja said...

Ordered my catalog and some seeds too for next summer.

Mary Ann said...

ngThank you, Farmgirl! I got a catalog and some zinnia seeds for next spring. I have gardened for 30 years, and don't remember ever seeing the Landreth catalog, it's a great one! I also found some cool new blogs thanks to your post. I'll post about Landreth and direct them to your blog tomorrow night.

Robin said...

I missed this post yesterday! I was so busy preservin.....it just doesn't stop!

Thanks for posting this!

Robin said...

Here's a link to the Dutch Apple Pie Jam....just in case you want to make it soon. It is wonderful!


Little Rooster Croft said...

ordered my catalog too!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks for getting things going, Robin! And for the recipe!

Yay LRC!

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