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Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't have a lot of time for ornamental flowers around here - but I just love dahlias.... 

The dinner plate varieties are my favorites....

and who doesn't love a soft peach blossom?

And then there is OUR Dahlia... or Dolly as we call her. She's as big as her momma, Debbie, and we think that she's headed for a big date with a little buck soon.

How about you? Do you have your breeding plans squared away? We think we have our plan all worked out... but more on that later.

Happy Monday everyone!


Carolyn said...

We bred our Saanen to our Nigerian again this past weekend. I like the "mini-Saanens" that she throws.

Ahhhh, the fun of breeding season....the yelling girls, the pissy-faced boys...and the smell!

Unknown said...

ALL the Dahlias are so pretty!

Autumn said...

Aw, Debbie! I took some pictures of my Grandma's Dahlias, but your pictures turned out way better than mine!

AZdesertFarmer said...

We aquired a Boer buck for breeding this year. I was told to keep him penned away from the girls so his "buckiness" wouldn't taint the milk. Our girlies don't seem to be coming in. Do I have him too far away???

Any suggestions?


Bobbie said...

Your dahlias are lovely! I grow dahlias too. We have three dahlia beds; each bed is 110 feet long by 4 feet wide; divided by wire fencing down the center and planted on both sides of each row.

Currently we have over 300 dahlias planted. We get a lot of people stopping by and we always invite them in to enjoy the flowers. Last Saturday I cut seven, 5-gallon buckets of dahlias for a wedding. They are new neighbors down the road so it was a nice way to welcome them to our area. Can't wait to see how they arranged all the dahlias. Hope they get their pictures developed soon. LOL

With summer wrapping up here in the Northwest, our dahlias will soon be coming to an end. Then we will dig them up, store them over the winter and replant in May.

Your 'Dahlia' girl is precious! I'd love to have a few goats but we raise English Bulldogs and I don't think the two would mix well. Next year we WILL have chickens though come h*ll or high water! LOL

Thanks for sharing your dahlias with us.

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