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Friday, November 11, 2011

Checkin' out the hams

Would you just look at those hams.... come on colder weather... I need me some bacon!

The pigz still have a few pumpkins.. I mean.. "gourds" from our free score the other day. Those pigz just loved 'em.

I don't know about you but I'm glad this full moon has passed. Hopefully things will start settling down out there in the barnyard. Zander was on a rampage but we think he's going to have a "growing" day here soon and sleep a lot.

The goaties all seem to be bred - they are getting deeper in the body and are complaining about everything. We are starting the process of drying them out. Let's face it - milking is only fun on a fresh spring day. Not when there is snow on the ground.

We have a couple drainage projects we need to work on so today is all about gravel. I'll be shoveling a lot of gravel today. 

Happy Friday everyone! Whatcha shoveling today?


Robin said...

I really should be shoveling some compost and raking some leaves!

Carolyn said...

Oh, do those hams look DE-vine! And the bacon....oh, how I miss the bacon. That's the first thing to go around here. And we usually only get one hog a year, so that means there is usually a race to be the first to get up in the morning in order to make the bacon (and test it, of course). Our hog is supposed to be ready next month. I can't wait!
(mmmmmmm, bacon)

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Wish I was shoveling my own chicken poop :o) but I'm not..today I don't plan to do anything special..those pigzs sure look delicious. I can picture those hams cooking.:o)

Traci Sumner said...

Are those Durocs? They look like they are about 260 - 280 right now. Perfect weight for butchering. So, you should dress out about 200 lbs from each. Yummy!

Not shoveling today, but I'm up to my eyeballs in felt. Craft show coming up.

Sonja said...

Those Pigz look like they are being hated very well actually. you are gonna get some mighty pretty hams off them. Not to mention all that bacon. Jealous here in the desert.

Take some pain reliever before you start on that gravel, and tonight you won't feel it quite as much. Been there.

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