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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh my sweet buns!

*OFG rethinks punctuation....*  I mean......Oh my! Sweet buns!

Would you get a load of these sweet rolls? Are you licking your screen? Yeah.. they are as good as they look. I made these cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve. They are terrific.

Unfortunately, I can't give you the recipe. Can you believe it?  Here's the problem. The recipe is my mom's secret recipe and she refused to give it to anyone except us kids. After she died the extended family tried to get us to give out the secret. And we didn't. Actually my sister didn't and I was threatened with real death if I uttered a peep about it (maybe they should have asked me first). So I can only show you these luscious treats.

However, if anyone has an older version of The Joy of Cooking you can probably find a similar recipe there. And if you wanted to check here this recipe is kinda close. And Ree's process here gives a good step by step. Aside from that I can say no more.

Except that I made a caramel glaze for the bottom. And I used our leaf lard instead of any kind of shortening or butter for the dough. And I used a big handful of pecans. And my two favorite farm boys in the whole world mixed up the cinnamon-sugar for the filling. Now I say now more.

Other than... you can probably guess what I've been having for breakfast all week. That and birthday cake.

Thanks to everyone for their fun birthday wishes yesterday! I did have a bacon filled, meat-tastic day!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Now remember, I told you nothing about how to make these rolls, right?


Carolyn said...

Happy Belated Baconfilled Birthday!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Guess I can say "Happy Belated Birthday" since I missed that post :o( I know you have been enjoying that Bacon and now some tasty buns with it ..My your living a good life :o)...

Mr. H. said...

Enjoy those buns and a big Happy Birthday to you.

David said...

mmm bubs n bacon - a perfect breakfast

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