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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Stocks

I've been getting all the stock canned up - wow its great!

This is from the creepy meats we've been working our way thru recently. But the big story is the difference in the color (and taste) of the stock. See the top jar is more light colored and the bottom jar is deeper and richer.

When I was parting up the chickens it just so happened that the carcasses ended up in one pot (the light colored stock) and the legs and thighs ended up in the other (the darker color).  I was surprised at how different it turned out.

I've got another big kettle cooked down and ready to can and I'm really wondering how it will turn out.  But the beautiful weather is really calling me outside.... got to get busy!

Happy Monday everyone! Anyone else canning?


freemotion said...

Ooooh, that stock looks lovely! I am out right now, and don't want to buy chicken in the store to make more. Ship me some?

SHJeffers said...

I am too scared to can without a mentor. I did make stock from my 3 meatiess carcasses, but am freezing for now.

JeffJustJeff said...

I am taking the rest of this week off to take advantage of this wonderful weather. Oh the things I need to do!

drypond said...

I love making my own stocks too, I did a veggie stock this weekend, out of carrots,celery,onions,peas and peppers. It was clean out the fridge weekend. We love the taste of homemade stocks.

Veggie PAK said...

I'm not canning yet, but I love how you use everything that you are able to. No wasted food source at your house! Great work!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

coming your way, Free!

Hey Tiff! I was nervous also - but you can start small and work your way up. Also your local extension office might offer classes, check it out.

Great work JJJ - enjoy the sun!

Drypond - what a great idea for left over veggies!

Thanks, VPAK, your encouragement means a lot and I always appreciate i so much :-)

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