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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dahlia had her baby! Meet Dinah... and other goings on

Today had everything down here on the farm - action, adventure - chicken butchering.... and the arrival of our newest goat..... Dinah!

The biggest baby EVER. Yay Dinah!

We were surprised when Dahlia was acting weird today.  Even more surprised when she was "laying down taking a nap" and then just plain shocking when stuff started happening. There was yelling, running, and me about to puke. In the end the biggest baby goat we've ever had was up and about and getting sips from Dahlia.

She's up!

Even tho Dahlia was bred by Too Short it looks like she had a full sized baby.  Isn't that amazing? Dinah also has those adorable little La Mancha ears. Welcome to the team, Dinah! 

Without question the chicken butchering was much better. For me. After us being too sick or too cold to get our meat chickens in the freezer - we finally got some work done on them. We would have gotten a lot more done if.....
And she has the same cute crescent that Cressie has - how adorable is that?

...We hadn't looked over to see a beagle standing in our goat yard. IN OUR GOAT YARD. There was screaming. Running. And me not puking but doing a lot of swearing. We found the culprits.

Remember our Old Man Neighbor who cut down my hay? Yeah. Well. They've got some 20-something grandkids living there who couldn't keep ahold of that beagle. I'm making a public declaration of their naughtiness just in case I need to prove it. If you know what I mean.

I'll just say its surprising when folks move out to the country, let a dog run loose, then act all surprised when when a completely unhappy neighbor, covered in chicken guts pounds on their door yelling at them to keep that dog in their yard. So guess who is gonna be doing more fencing this weekend. And yes I'm really super duper mad. So we are going to have to run more fence and also run some electric tomorrow.  We warned them that the charger for our electric will bring them to their knees so they'd best keep away from it.

The good news is that we have way more yard than we thought. We ran a line between some newly pounded in fence posts on the line that the survey guys marked -  and now they have less yard. We don't even feel bad. I'm pretty excited for when the Old Man Neighbor comes home from wintering in Florida to see what we've been working on. Why, I'm gonna be there when he gets out of this car to tell him why we put up the ugliest fence that we could find.  And that I finally have my much-longed-for dog moat on that side of the property. Then I'm gonna plant a lot more hay so he can look at it all summer and twitch.

That's the goings on - we are so glad that Dahlia had her baby!


freemotion said...

That is one big baby! I'd like to see a side-by-side pic of her with her teensy siblings if you still have any of them! Congrats!

PS: Beagles make great stir-fry, don't they? Hee-hee!

Chai Chai said...

That Too Short sure seems to have done a lot of good work, is there any chance of a return visit next year?

That kid really does look huge, Too Big soon to play with the Too Cute?

Carolyn said...

Yay Goat Babies!
And glad you got the survey...and a bonus that you've got more land to boot!

Beth of the Rocks said...

I have a sh*!!y d*ck*ead neighbor. He does NOT like opera. Go on, ask me how I know. (tee hee, tee hee)

And have you ever noticed how (some) city people have vehicles which seem to have no function other than to be loud and obnoxious and country drive vehicles that actually serve a purpose?

darius said...

Hey, I didn't think it was a newborn when I saw the first pic, before I read the text and enlarged the photo!

Congrats on another healthy baby.

David said...

That is a big kid! Sorry to hear of the encroachment. You didn't send in your troops? Admirable.

Autumn said...

Oh my gosh, that's a big baby! LOL Chai Chai- Too Big!

small farm girl said...

What is it about people and their dogs!!!!!!! Oh cute little ,I mean big, doeling!!!!

collieguy said...

Magical creatures, goats! No longer have them but once kept a small flock that would have had a stray dog saying his prayers on the run. They got along fine, played games with our own dog and the kids were welcome in the dog house but a stray beagle would have been signing his name as Dufus From Buttheadville.

Happy fencing!

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