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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OFG, Micro Goat Shepherd

This is what it looks like to be a micro goat shepherd......

I look like a giant!

I guess technically its a micro "goatherd"... but would you check out the Too Cutes!  They are adorable! And so fun and bouncy. They love to get out and stretch their little legs. They are only this big...

That is a small shoe, folks. And the goat is tiny also.

I'm supposed to tell you that I have a size 7.5 shoe.... just so's you don't think I wear a 14 and them little goats just aren't that small at all. Can you stand how cute they are?

Look at her sticking her tongue out!

I think we are going soft on them and might keep them. One of the barncats is spreading wild rumors that I smooched one of the little goaties... that I'm a goat smoocher. My legal team, the ducks, have instructed me not to make any comments. I say no more on this.

Aren't they a hoot!?

Wednesday is going to be another record breaking, sun shiney day! 80* here will come!

But first a bit of housekeeping....

SOMEONE destroyed the power cord to my laptop... so I'm having technical problems. Sorry for all the short posts... but to use this computer I gotta kill a few trolls and find someone named Leeroy Jenkins. Oh power cord...please come today and save me from this nerd-dom.


CallieK said...

Those guys are so cute and tiny! I really want to be a micro goat shepherd....I'll bet if I put a tiny sweater and a leash on one of those two I could pass it off as an exotic dog to get around this city's stupid by-law system.

Beth of the Rocks said...

Those goats are tiny! You could turn a 5-gallon bucket upside down and they could live there!

freemotion said...

Do I see lipstick on that goatie? Hee-hee! I love the spots and the racing stripes!

Dreaming of Chickens said...

GOATSMOOCHER!!! hahahaha!! That's awesome! And here I was thinking you were just a snuggler.

Rae said...

Holy crap, they're cute! Almost makes me reconsider goats (but not quite). :)

Jealous of your weather! I came out at 5:30a this morning to freaking snow! :( Stupid Oregon weather!

Good luck on the power cord!

Blue Feather Micro-Farm said...

My cat is bigger than those goats and she is small! So, how big will they finally get?

David said...

I dunno that first shot looks like a reaper!

Chai Chai said...

Leeroy Jenkins? WOW, with a name like that he must be quite a character!

I'll know they will be staying when they help you vote for Melissa Gilbert.

Ann from KY said...

enjoy your goat babies! We got the bad news from the vet today that there will be NO goat babies here this year. :( Our buck Dale is a dud stud.
the worse news is another family has borrowed him for stud service. They also went to the expense and trouble to test all their goats before I would let him go "visit" over there. Now I need to call and tell him he has a "Dud Stud" at his place and all that $$ on blood tests were for nought.
No goat milk here this year either. :( Makes me want to read craigslist ads!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Callie - in some places you can get away with calling them "pets"!

Beth - They could practically live in a toadstool!

No Free.. no evidence of smooching.. ha!

DOC - rightly charged! ugh! who would have guessed.....

Hi Ray, I've heard that the PacNW has been resembling the Ice Planet Hoth...sorry!

BFMF - They are smaller than Little Mo! I think they will get to be about 40 pounds. A little smaller than Nibs.

Ha, Dave! Someone else said that! I hope not!

CC - you need to get out your Nerd Reference book for that one

Oh Geez, sorry Ann... what a bummer. I have a contact in KY who might have milkers.. send me an email if you'd like me to find out.
:-) And yes, we are totally bummed out that Debbie wont be milking this summer.

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