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Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Empty Heads

I dunno about you but I've just about had it with this incredibly long and incredibly hot summer. Sheesh! At present its over 90*. Again. I think the weather guy said this makes the 47th such day this year.

Big Empty Heads

With everything that started growing so early this season its kind of strange to think about taking the garden out now. Especially with another hot blue sky day.

I've started taking down the spent sunflowers. These tall, lazy giants will be next. Their big heads are mostly empty from thieving birds. Actually. I kinda like the little, flitty yellow tweety birds that seem to think I planted the sunflowers just for them.

Spent sunflowers

This grove of giants was one of my favorite gardens this year. This is where I planted those lovely potatoes - now distant meals. But I've started some late beans in this garden hoping to make it just under the wire of the frost. Tomorrow I'll hack down these giant stalks and feed them to the pigz. The pigz love the leaves and will goof around with the stalks. And they'll find any remaining seeds.

A friend reminded me about goat cheese stuffed and fried squash blossoms. Sounds great!

In the meantime, some things just keep setting blossoms. I can't tell if they are confused or if we'll have to keep dealing with this hot summer thru September.

Happy Friday everyone!


darius said...

Lucky you, and the Finch, for the sunflowers!
I planted a bunch and didn't get even one plant this year. Usually I also have lots of volunteers, but it's crazy year for gardening.

freemotion said...

Oh, you must link us to a recipe for those chevre blossoms! Deep fry it and I'll eat it, I always say!

Unknown said...

Ooo, goat cheese stuffed and fried squash blossoms! Great idea...

Chai Chai said...

As always, I'm jealous of your wonderful Sunflowers!

David said...

Can't wait to have room for those!
Didja get some Isaac Rain? - we got less than 1/2"

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