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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

Probably one of my favorite movie quotes ever - and all that I could think about when the post called me this morning.  Look what show up today! Its the Winter Creepy Meats!

All the little meats are bellied up to the Meat Bar for some sips.

I got a great deal from Meyer Hatchery - 25 meat chicks for just about $20. They were part of a "Weekly Special" and it was a bargain for sure. Sign up for their email notifications to catch great sales like this while they last. I really like Meyer - they have great service and superfast delivery. 

These little guys will be in the house for a couple days - but not for weeks like last year! No sir, I have a coup in the turkey house all ready for them. The only reason they aren't in a peeping heap outside is that we are going to have our coldest night tonite. So they'll stay warm and safe inside...as long as I can keep all of these over-interested cats out of the basement.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Anybody else get a heapin', peepin' box of fun today?


Provender Place said...

No boxes today, but my peeping box of fun that came 8 1/2 weeks ago is going into the freezer on Saturday!!!

Unknown said...

Sadly I only do an urban flock, but they're cute!

David said...

Looks good. How much feed is needed to bring them to table?

Cost per bird etc...?

lorihadams said...

I just got my Meyer meat chicks this morning! I got 25, one DOA but the rest look great! I couldn't resist that deal either...:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Good luck FF! Let me know how you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Nancy - sometimes feedstores will sell meat chix in the spring. around here you can get a minimum of 6 but thats a good start!

thanks Dave, maybe I should do an update on this.. good idea. short answer is - it used to be $10 but the feed prices have soared.

Great work Lori!!! I had one that didnt make it but I still ended up with 26 so we are go for chicken action!

Adorable Curmudgeon said...

Mine were a week old on Friday. And twice the size they were when they arrived!
This is my test batch. As I'm considering pasturing several more come Spring. To make up for the late season start I'm adding sprouted grass seed and worms from under the rabbit cages to their regular ration.

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