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Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Day - the Goose Edition

We are still swarmed in snow. Snow snow snow and more snow. Snow everywhere. No one is happy. Well. I gotta say the geese are not unhappy.

We had a couple days where it was just too cold to handle. One day the windchill barely made it above 0* So everyone - including the geese were cooped up. But yesterday's heatwave - a heady 26* - allowed the bold to flippityflop directly out and into the snow.  They loved it.

The geese don't mind the cold weather a bit. Someone asked me once if it was OK for the geese to be out in the snow. Um... I know someone with an expedition level sleeping bag rated for -20*. Guess what it's filled with? Yep. Goose down. These geese are just fine at 26* and fluffy snow.

Chores are a bit easier on snowy days. About 3:30pm the turkeys and the chickens pretty much give it up and put themselves to bed. These geese tho.... I usually have to chase them around.

Today we have another round of snow coming. Then there will be more snow. Anybody else sick of this white stuff?

Happy Monday everyone!


small farm girl said...

I am sooooooo sick of this white stuff!!!!!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

They look like they are having the time of their life! You can send two days of snow this way as we haven't had any!! (No more than two days please!!)

David said...

Beautiful birds. Other than beauty do they provide any utility, eggs? Meat? Pest control? Guard duty? Just wondering....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

SFG - i'm soooooo tired of this stupid snow!

hey SFG! the geese love the cold weather.

Dave, pretty much they only serve to entertain me and annoy my husband. i think they are terrific guard animals tho - very little happens that they dont know about.

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