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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Goat Due Dates, a new Goats Page, and Questions?

Yesterday I finally sat down and figured out exactly when all of these goats are due. You'll remember our breeding plan didn't really pan out. We had the highly ineffective, but delicious, Peanut....we drove about a million miles trying to get our tall girls bred to a short buck, then we had to spend all one of our Saturdays and most of our money for the ugliest buck in the state.

I think it all ended well tho - I keep looking a Debbie and Dahli and they are both looking a little tubby around the middle. Nibbles is as big as a house. Previously I thought she had maybe 3 babies but she still has 45 days to go... So I'm guessing four. I hope it's not five.

I used two different goat gestation calculators - and my own notes to figure out some dates. I found them here for full sized goats and here for mini goats. My goats are La Manchas (and Nibs is a mini mancha) so they have slightly longer gestations.

As far as I can tell the ladies earliest due dates are:

Nibbles: 04/06/13   
Dahli      05/19/13  and could be as late as  5/28
Debbie:  04/26/13   and could be as late as 5/5

Nibbles could be a little earlier. This could be a ridiculous spring.

I also did some work to clean up my Goats Page along the top of this blog. I tried to reorganize it so it makes more sense. And I added some additional links.

A couple days ago someone contacted me and asked for more...and more in-depth goat posts. We can sure do that - does anyone have any specific questions. We can try and do a "200 Level" goat discussion if that will help. What do you think - do you have any specific questions?

Happy Wednesday everyone - are you ask cold as we are today? Our windchill hasn't even moved into the double digits yet....


Chai Chai said...

When little goats get cold is it better to slip them in ones bra or slap nappies on them and bring them inside to watch DWTS?

In the later stages of the pregnancy do you feed them alfalfa or extra grain for nutrition or are you worried that the kids may grow too big for birthing?

Can kids with no ears jump higher and run faster than kids with ears?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

CC -

1. Bra always works
2. Alfalfa is for milkers
3. Aerodynamics, baby... no ears are the way to fly!

Ann from KY said...

Do you ever use the copper boluses to help treat intestinal worms?

David said...

Do goats need a pal? I mean I know you habve to freshen a goat for milk, but if you get one, should you get two?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Ann! nope. i'm a little gun shy of using copper. if you mess it up you really mess it up. we have good luck with dosing everyone with a chemical wormer once a year, then using herbal wormers for the rest of the time. honestly the best thing we do is run so much poultry - they do the best job of keeping the pests down.

yep, Dave. you must have 2 goats. not so much for their mental health - but yours. they panic and scream and get destructive if they are alone. :-( sometimes you can get another herd-like animal to keep them company. but they really want to pal around with their own friends. they even like the same breed as themselves. usually you can get a neutered male - called a whether - pretty cheap to keep your milker company.

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